Do You Think Electronic Cigarettes Look Stupid?

I want to try smoking an electronic cigarette but i think it may just look ridiculous. What do you think?
Additionally, is there a way to get a sample e-cig and not have to buy the whole kit?

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  1. Yeah they look pretty homo. I would just smoke cigarettes. I dont think it would give you the same feeling. Smoking patches and cigarretes dont make the same feeling so they are very different. Totally different.

  2. I think all cigarettes look stupid. You will save humiliation and lots of money – not to mention your health….. I know NAG

  3. heck, we dont know !! why didnt you give a link showing someone doing it. It is such an obscure question you could at least put a little effort into it . Jeeezz

  4. yup, smoking cigarettes are stupid PERIOD…it doesnt look cool dude…unless you think lung cancer is cool..than ok

  5. don’t do that, it’s a rip off.

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