Electronic Cigarette Good Or Bad?

I have just bought a electronic cigarette that has nicotine but none of the harm full stuff, but are they any good for you? I hope to use this to quit eventually but are they still harm full and is nicotine bad for you or just addictive?


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  1. Actually, nicotine has some extremely great health benefits. There have been tests done that prove nicotine is a safe and inexpensive way to self medicate for many different types of mental disorders from depression to schizophrenia. Why is it that when you are upset, you can’t think of anything but having that cigarette? They are also currently study the affects of a nicotine lotion on diabetic rashes that could in turn lead to the amputation of a limb.
    For far too long, the anti-smoking campaign has attempted to demonize smoking AND nicotine. Nicotine has been around for centuries and has been used by a multitude of different groups for it’s healing powers. It has only been in the last 50 years that the prohibitionists have decided to wage a war. But don’t worry, if they do succeed, your caffeine will be next… since caffeine and nicotine cause many of the same adverse affects on the human body.
    So is your electronic cigarette harmful to you? Well, studies have been done on several of the different types of nicotine solution and all have been found to be safe. All of them! There was also a clinical trial done and we are currently awaiting the results on that.
    Whether they are safe is still scientifically in limbo. However, when you compare what is in a tobacco cigarette to what is in the list of ingredients for the e-liquid, and you compare what we know to be true of tobacco second hand smoke to what we think of the e-cig vapor, it is pretty clear to many smokers that the e-cig has a better chance of being a safe alternative to smoking tobacco.
    So you have to weigh in for yourself. I personally, have gone from a pack a day smoker to an exclusive e-cig smoker. I have better chest capacity, I am not having depression issues like I have with the “quit smoking NRT’s”… and I feel like I can continue doing what I like to do… and that is smoking. I don’t eat fast food or drink soda, so smoking is my vice. I am also not a big drinker. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to do something that I enjoy?

  2. Its a step in the right direction. Which is a good thing. Yes nicotine is addictive and is still harmful. However by cutting out the other constituents of smoke you will be doing a lot less harm to your body.
    Don’t rush it, give yourself time to adjust to the new “cigarette”. One step at a time. Good Luck

  3. nicotine is indeed addictive but it also elevates your heart rate, making it extremely dangerous for people with previous heart conditions as it can cause irregular heartbeats,
    however as the person below me said, you’re cutting out all the bad chemicals in the cigarettes, and the nicotine isnt anyway near as harmful as the rest of the chemicals in cigarettes eg acetane etc, your taking the right steps though!

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