How To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Any Weight?

I will not eat more than I usually do when I quit smoking. But I know my body will no longer spend calories to detoxify itself from the cigarettes – so I might gain weight. (right?)
How can I stop it?


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  1. I’d just suggest changing your eating habits to something that works for your body. Exchange cigarettes for, eating lower carbs.. or adding a daily walk to your routine. As long as you watch your calorie intake, and your carb intake, or add a walk to your day, you should remain the same size. Besides, you might not gain weight simply from stopping smoking.. everyone is diffferent and reacts differently. Good luck, see how you react, and if it’s negatively just change some habits around. It’s worth it!

  2. I have heard the same answer of quiting smoking will add on ten pounds. I recently quit smoking 8 months ago by joining a gym and using nicorette. Taking up a new hobby could help you quit smoking and stop deteriating your body from seriuos health problems. I feel like a brand new person.

  3. I quit smoking a little over a year ago and didn’t gain any weight. I started again a year later and have not had a cig for two weeks and I haven’t gained any weight. I really think it depends on the person. Drink lots of ice cold water. That will help with metabolism.

  4. Make your body spend the calories in other ways by increasing your exercise, or decrease the amount of calories in your diet.

  5. I don’t think that’s very logical, ciggerattes don’t help you lose weight, your body does not spend a signifigant amount of energy to detoxify nicitine, don’t worry about it.

  6. yea

  7. got to stop the oral fixation so having gum or candy around is good so you don’t keep feeding your face to fill the void

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