I Want To Start Smoking A Pipe, What Is The Sweet Smelling Tobacco Called?

I just love walking by a person smoking a pipe, the smell of it is kinda like a vanilla cherry smell. I want to buy a pipe and when I go I want to know what kind of tobacco to ask for, I wouldnt like a tobacco that taste like a cigareete, I want a sweet taste when I smoke it, Does anyone know what brand is the sweet smelling tobacco?

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  1. What you are looking for is an aromatic pipe tobacco. If you go into a good tobacco shop, or even some cigar shops. Ask to sample some of their bulk pipe tobaccos. They will usually have aromatics, and english blends. English blends don’t have the casing that the aromatics have. Also, there are 100′s of different pipe tobaccos. Your best bet is to just sample a few and see what you like best. When you are the pipe smoker though, you don’t get the “room note” (smell) that you get when someone else is smoking a pipe around you.

  2. Boswell’s Blends sells a pipe tobacco known as “cherry smash”. According to the info, the smell is a light cherry flavor, and you might like it when you get a pipe and you want tobacco. You can apparently order it on the site.

  3. The best tasting pipe tobacco I have ever used or smelled is “Flying Dutchman”. It comes in a little flat tin and is imported from the Netherlands. I really like the smell and taste of it.

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