Is Nicotine Harmful? Electronic-cigarette?

Just brought a gamucci e-cig and am giving up smoking but is nicotine harmful just on its own, as that is all that is in a e-cig unlike thousands of other chemicals in a regular cigarette

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  1. Ahhh, Gamucci, My favorite, and I have several. You got the best in my opinion.
    Nicotine is addictive and toxic, but pretty much harmless if you use the cartridges and e cigarette like you are supposed to. I have been smoke free for over 60 days now. I feel better and don’t stink, and I am not killing the people aroiund me or loved ones. I owe my life to the e cigarette, and I am glad to have them. I also know of 5 other people personally that have quit regular tobacco with e cigarettes, and have seen thousands of people online claim the same.
    I buy my stuff from , they seem to be cheaper than the rest and usualy ship the same day or the next day depending on how late I order. They are just good people.

  2. Electronic cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, by claiming that most of the harmful material produced by the combustion of tobacco in traditional cigarettes is not present in the atomised liquid of electronic cigarettes. They have also been marketed as a way to keep or curtail an addiction to nicotine.
    Toxicological studies of the electronic cigarettes have been conducted, with some reporting that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

  3. nicotine in small amount as if in cigarette can increase attention, memory and decrease fatigue. therefore people find it hard to stop from smoking due to nicotine effect. other chemicals are harmful. nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patch can help when you try to give up smoking. nicotine is a good and casual drug. same like caffeine in coke and coffee.

  4. yes nicotine is harmful, where did you get the e-cig? i also have been considering this to stop smoking. are the refills expensive?

  5. I want one of them they look ace plus u can smoke indoors with it! Nicotine is harmful but not as bad as the other chemcials in a ciggie!

  6. no. its adictive, but without tobacco it is better for you than cafiene. :] so smoke away with that ecig :]

  7. To everyone who is wanting more information about the E-cig or wanting to get one, come look at Likesmokingbutbetter.
    I ordered one and it is the most incredible thing. It helped me stop smoking real cigs and now i don’t have any that that smell, the toxins or poisons in my lungs, and i just feel a thousand times better then i ever have since i started smoking.

  8. Nicotine is just addictive! thanks for the blog! post more soon!

    Your girl JenniB

  9. I just bought a V2 e-cig last week and I haven’t had or wanted a cigarette since. Keep in mind I have been smoking for 15 years and was at almost two packs a day. This is hands down the best product I have every purchased, I love it. I’ll never go back to cigarettes and that’s the best feeling in the world. If you are looking to quit but the hardest part is that you enjoy smoking then the e-cig is for you. I get asked about it all the time at restaurants and bars.

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