Is There Any Way To Moisten Rolling Tobacco That Has Dried Out?

um, i guess that is clear… is there something that you can put with it to get it moist again? would just adding it to fresh tobacco make it moist enough to at least roll?

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  1. When I smoked a pipe, I put a slice or a quarter of an apple in the container. Gave off just the right amount of moisture.

  2. You could place it in a vegetable steamer for a few seconds, maybe like 30? You just put like half an inch of boiling water in a pot, then put the steamer inside so that it doesn’t touch the water, then put whatever you want to steam inside the steamer.

  3. Wet a paper towel then wring it out so that its slightly damp. Wrap the tobacco in it and leave it alone for about an hour. If it still seems a litle hard repeat at shorter intervals.

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