What Are Good Types/brands Of Rolling Tobacco And Types/brands Of Rolling Papers?

I’m looking for a good quality but not expensive loose rolling tobacco. I currently smoke Newports, so a nice menthol would be good. Also can you buy small amounts of the tobacco like to test so you don’t have a bunch of it if you don’t like it? And what is a good brand of rolling paper? Thanks *BTW I know smoking is bad, I should quit


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  1. Here is two sites. One about what and why are the best and the other is where to buy them. Good luck!

  2. Craven is a rich in taste heavy hand rolling tobacco, I combine it with rizla silver papers to reveal the true taste of tobacco.
    You can use any filter tips,
    I prefer swan extra slim because they let you roll a fine fag.
    If you don’t smoke heavily I’d recommend Golden Virginia because it doesn’t get dry easily
    (i personally don’t like it’s taste but it is considered fairly good tobacco ,for it’s price of course ).
    I haven’t encountered smaller than 25g packages

  3. Most menthol rolling tobacco is really pretty gross tasting unless you have an injector machine..
    this is a very high quality menthol tobacco.. http://www.ryotobacco.com/page/ryot/CTGY
    i usually stick to bali shag in the red pouch which is a “virginia blend”
    somewhat similar to marlboro or winston.. they also have a blue and a white pouch. the blue is a “halfzware shag” similar to english cigarettes and is a bit strong its good for blending with other tobaccos.. the white pouch is a light halfzware shag..
    bali shag is a Pretty high quality tobacco which now seems to be available at most stores..
    i own an injector machine and purchase empty cigarette tubes. so i don’t deal with papers unless im in a pinch.. most pouches of tobacco come with papers.
    papers are an issue of choice.. you may like a plain tobacco with a menthol paper? some people like hemp papers.. some people like sturdy thick papers some people like rice papers.. to me the thinner the better.. go to a smoke shop (the kind that sells pipes meant for smoking stuff other than tobacco they seem to have huge selections of papers) and purchase a few different types of papers..

  4. I don’t know where you live but in the UK you can buy menthol filter tips for hand-rolling at pretty much any supermarket/newsagents. Swan and Rizla both make menthol filters.
    I always smoke Golden Virginia, roll with green Rizla and use Swan Extra Slim Filter Tips.

  5. try the new menthol cigs where you press on the filter to make it mentholated those are the best mentholated cigs out. the best papers are really thin and are hard to roll at first. Try different ones until you find the one you like. Trust me they disappear fast

  6. zig zag is pretty popular, check out thestonedage.com thats where i get my papers and they have a pretty big selection. hope i helped

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