What Is The Difference Between Pipe Tobacco And Cigarette Tobacco?

Could you use pipe tobacco to make your own cigarettes?

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  1. The blends are different, pipe tobacco is treated with a food based casing that gives it the flavor and aroma. Pipe tobacco is not cut as fine as cigarette tobacco. Cigarette tobacco is treated with a batch of chemicals. I would suggest you smoke a pipe, and just skip out on trying to roll your own cigarettes.

  2. For obvious reasons, many bulk tobacco companies are now promoting pipe tobacco alongside cigarette tobacco. While it is coarser cut, the samples I’ve received were actually drier than the cigarette tobacco I’ve been loading into tubes for years.
    Unfortunately, the few pipe blends I’ve tried all taste like pipe tobacco, which obviously has nothing to do with their cut. A more definitive answer is required here…

  3. You could, but that’s not what it’s intended for. Pipe tobacco is shredded differently, and I think it might be flavored, but I’m not sure.

  4. pipe tobacco is more loosely cut than cigarette tobacco and has a different burn quality. You can use pipe tobacco but it requires you to constantly be puffing on it.

  5. Pipe tobacco is cut more coarsely. This will leave more air pockets when used for cigarettes. It also does not burn as evenly.

  6. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
    The world may never know!

  7. Was looking up the same kind of question. I went into the store today and asked “whats the cheapest rolling tobacco you have?” I was told that there is one that is $8.99 for 6 oz. I noticed that it said pipe tobacco on it and asked what the difference was and he said nothing really just cheaper and doesnt get taxed like cigarette tobacco. So I dedided to try it. It is definalty not as fine but I like it. I find it easier to roll. I dont notice any difference in the burn or the flavor. The brand is Criss Cross Smooth blend. I hope the tax people dont catch on to this for a long time LOL. I guess I should say that I do use a rolling machine and tend to pack the tobacco to tight so thats probably why I dont have a problem with it burning unevenly but I’m not sure.

  8. I too am using the crisscross brand. It’s good. Try this after rolling your cigs, it’s worked for me after 7 months.
    Turn on your oven light to warm up the oven. I lay my rolled cigs out in an open metal pan and let them sit there and dry out a bit for quite a few hours. It seems to “proof” them and make them just the right consistency to smoke. The warmth in the oven and low humidity really makes a difference.
    I’ve also let a few handfuls of tobacco right out of the bag sit and dry for a couple of hours in order to put into my rolling machine. That works great too.

  9. Pipe tobacco will work fine rolling your own cigarettes…yes it does taste different…I mix mine with cigarette tobacco around half and half and the taste is more like you would expect from a cigarette…also i’ve never had trouble getting them to burn like some report…you just cant roll them too tight…have to experiment to get the right packing density…also try experimenting with different filter tubes…that makes a big difference also…usually get what you pay for there…the ones for 3.29 are better than the 1.69 brands….its all how picky of a smoker you are…good luck!

  10. Crisscross mint flavor pipe tobacco in my Tops tube machine using Gambler Brand new style tubes. I don’t do anything different in terms of drying or anything just buy and stuff tubes. I prefer ZigZag Menthol but the price is insane so experimented on a whim and glad I did. Flavor is superior to most of the discount cig tobacco available-cheaper too! No problems with uneven burn or constantly going out. At $7.99 a 6 ounce bag I can get 10 days on a bag and a carton of tubes (200 count). So about $12.00 a carton for this combo (or $1.20 a pack). Cheapest I have paid since 1989.

  11. 1 lb bags of crisscross and 3 cartons of tubes for around 27$ is pretty nice, and you can’t beat 9$ a carton these days. Too bad smokers have to pay for the ignorant decisions of the gov.

  12. Amen brothers and sisters! I roll my own too. Red Cap Pipe tobacco, gamblers filters and an 8.00 dollar rolling machine. I use to spend 10.oo a day on Marlboro Cigs for me and my boyfriend. Now I spend 12.00 week. And I am no longer getting sick from FSC cigs. Read all info. regarding this new additive to cig paper, and tobacco. It will safe your life! Roll you own, only way to go!

  13. I agree. I’ve been rolling with Mint flavored Criss Cross using Premier 100′s tubes and a double rolling machine. I pay about $28.00 for 3 cartons of cigs and about 10 hours of time…well worth it to me. 2 of us smoke for about $100.00 per month total. We get our tobacco in 16 oz bags for $16.99 per bag and a box of tubes for $3.75…that is until it too gets the raping taxes…lol. But for now you just can’t beat that!

  14. I use crisscross brand pipe tobaccos in my Zen shooter (it pushes tobacco in the Zen cigarette tubes) and it is so much cheaper than regular cigarettes or even regular tobacco. They have an Original Blend and a mild Blend that are comparable to regular cigarettes.

    Furthermore, I flavor mine with oil of clove and ground cloves ( lots of experimenting to get it right) and I make my own clove cigarettes for about $2.05. a pack including all materials.

  15. I use Red Cap Pipe Tobacco. I have an electric rolling machine and just run the tobacco thru the hopper a couple times to chop it up finer. Tastes good and burns fine. I do have 5 settings on the maching to roll at different tightness. Growing my own this year. Plants are inside right now about the size of a dime.

  16. I also use Criss Cross w/ Mint flavor and I have been rolling the Pipe tobacco and smoking it like a cigarette for awhile now. Its just like menthol cigarettes. I’ve done some digging on the topic about if Pipe tobacco shouldn’t be inhaled like cigarette tobacco and I stopped here. It’s (alot) cheaper than cigarettes. I don’t believe there is much of a difference between the two other than the flavor you choose.

  17. I have been told awhile back that the Pipe tobaco is alot cheaper because of the taxes on regular cigarette tobaco and it is true.I was wondering if anyone knew if it was worse for you ,or the same.It seems almost the same as cigarette tobacco.does anyone know if the chemicals are different,and the differense in nicotene content,is there any?

  18. Gambler mint pipe tobacco 6 oz bag $7.99…. 200 Gambler king size tubes 4 bucks….TOP tube machine 5 bucks….i got fancy and bought a grinder for 10 bucks to make the pipe tobacco a little finer (not necessary at all) so for just over 20 bucks im set for a good lil bit as opposed to $12 dollar packs in NYC….cant believe i just realized this…..and i got a hobby to boot!!!

  19. PS! I GET THE [RED] they also have mentholl it smokes just like cig.tob. once u get the rolling method down!lol. 1 bag will last almost a month i always order 2 tob. 4 tubes a month. always someone comming over running out of cig. lol

  20. I use RSB menthol pipe tobacco and Zen king tubes. I was a Newport smoker and I dont find a diffence in the taste or the quality of the cigs. I also us power maticII rolling machine. I pay 12.90 for a pound of tobacco and 3.49 for the Zen tubes. I get about for cartons from the pound of tobacco. So over all i spend about $26.00 for 4 cartons of cig. cantbeat that with a baseball bat.

  21. i have been buying good stuff pipe tobacco for quite awhile now, and have been using hot rod tubes. i think there actually really good and saves so much money… and im so not ashamed :)

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