When You Plug In Electronic Items Into Your Cigarette Lighter Does The Power Only Come From The Battery?

i know nothing about cars, but last time i went on a long trip and plugged the dvd player in and when i arrived at my location the check engine light was on. i needed a new alternator. just a coincidence?


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  1. Very likely a coincidence.
    The battery is used to provide power when the engine is not running (and consequently, the alternator is not turning). Its primary function is to provide power to start the engine. Once the engine is running and the alternator is turning, the battery is recharged by the alternator. The alternator also provides power for everything else electrical normally found on a car. Usually, there is a fair amount of excess capacity for powering additional electrical equipment. Still even more excess capacity is available when you’re not using accessories that use electricity, such as the headlamps, windshield wipers, etc.
    A DVD player does not draw any more than perhaps your car stereo, so it is very highly unlikely that it caused your alternator to fail.

  2. The battery is only used to turn your engine on. Once on the alternator takes over providing power. Now if you have your car on battery only then yes you are using just your battery.

  3. okay… Here is something I know from experience. I had a Cell Charger for my car… I was charging my cell and when I came outside the battery was dead and the alternator was fried. I found out if you have anything plugged into a cigarette lighter you should unplug it when not using it. either that or it will fry your alternator and cause alot of problems.

  4. Your battery powers majority of your car. When you plug something in like your cellphone or in your case a DVD player it will use up as much as the battery as possible. Just a coincidence that something else broke

  5. yes

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