Why Is My Electronic Cigarette Not Working?

I just bought my e-cig yesterday. Maybe I’m not doing it right or something, but sometimes when I inhale, I get nothing. Sometimes the red light doesn’t even come on. I’ve tried changing the cartridge and charging the battery. Any ideas?

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  1. There are differences in electronic cigarette companies and I suggest you contact the company that you purchased them from and see if they can help. This sounds like the contact between the cartridge and the battery isn’t good. You might try to push them together further or otherwise tighten the different parts. You can also just change companies.

  2. I have the same problem with mine.. I cant ix it 100% and their website is no help but I have found if you twist just the cartridge part a little bit it can help. With this issue not to mention the cartridge is no where near equivalent to a pack i am thinking of returning it. Hope you get yours working :)

  3. i m sorry you three are having problems with your product adn there can be differences between the different models. as a long time e cig smoker and now seller i can offer you a few suggestions. 1st check out the company you rbuying it from and make sure that they will help you before and after the sale. 2nd if you just recieved it and it doesn t work properly try taking a slower longer draw off of it. it is not like smoking a regular cigarette and this may take some practice but if you sucking the life out of it nothing will happen. Make sure you are not covering up the holes where your battery connects to your atomiser. if it is not 1 these problems and you jsut recieved it you could have a bad battery or atomiser its hard to tell if your a tomiser is bad but as for the batteries if they get hot while charging or the led on the charger gets dimmer when you hook it up. For those of you who has had your ecig for a week or 2 it probably just needs cleaned my preferred method is with a q-tip with no chemicals on it. take the q tip and wrap it around the threads inside the battery and the atomiser you should get some black or grey residue come off of it this will help make sure you get a good connection i hope this information has helped

  4. Exactly what brand and model is it?

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  7. i have had my e-cig for a couple of weeks now and i love it but all of a sudden it has stopped working….. i don’t know what it wrong with it and i have called the company 3 times now but still no call back…. i tried to clean it and it has a new filter thing on it and it still isn’t working…. it is put out by 21st century…. can someone please help me…… PLEASE!!!!! i really don’t want to go back to the normal smokes….. i really love this one!!!!!

  8. Hello can some1 please help me…. iv had my e cig that i got from freedom for about 2 weeks now and iv been doing so well with it but now all of a sudden it keeps flashing and thats not because im taking to many puffs! so i went to put it on charge and the blue light isnt coming on and its not charging can any1 help????

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