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If Wires Are Cut To The Cigarette Lighter Will It Cause The Radio To Not Work?

my 1986 benz 300 e cigarette lighter wires were cut could this be why the radio isn’t working. I pulled out the radio and haven’t noticed anything else cut or broken. will reconnecting the wires again cause my radio to work? Can I get the lighter plug from a auto store. please respond to, [...]

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Who Has Successfully Quit Smoking And How Did You Do It?

I want to quit smoking and I am trying to figure out the best way for me. I have read about hypnosis and acupuncture. Has anyone tried that? Chantix is too expensive but I have heard it works well. What about the patch? Anyone done that one? I really need some help.

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Can You Use Electronic Cigarettes On Flights?

on various websites it states that these are allowed to be used in all places where smoking is banned and I don’t know if this applies to flights

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Which Electronic Cigarettes Are Best Taste And Similar To Regular ?

You what? Electronic cigarettes? They will all tasts the same, they atomise the air to give it a feeling of smoke. Flavour from smoking comes from the burning of the leaves themselves and the various chemicals and nicotine there in. An electronic cigarette will never give you the chemicals, the temperature or the composition of [...]

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E-cigarette, Anybody Tried It?

I quit smoking, but the cravings are so strong that i am afraid that if i get stressed or get around smokers i will slip. i was thinking about getting the e-cigarette just for these cases, perhaps with the low or zero nicotine dose just to hold back my urge to smoke a real cigarette. [...]

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I Quit Smoking A While Ago, Is It Likely To Have Done Any Irreversible Damage?

I was smoking for 4 years in total – the first 2 years was only 1 or 2 cigarettes a day, then up to a couple of nights a week I would smoke half a pack socially. In the last 2 years of smoking I was having about 8 – 10 a day, and more [...]

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe For A 14 Year Old Safe?

will it do any harm to my body?

9Jun2009 | | 20 comments | Continued
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Are Electronic Cigarettes Really Safe?

I had 90 per cent blockage on my right side carodit artery. I had a stent put in and my doctor said no more smoking. Or I might have to have the procedure again. Ugh. No way, I say. They say these electronic cigarettes are a good way to get off of cigarette addiction. I’m [...]

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