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How Can I Convince My Boyfriend To Quit Smoking?

My boyfriend is 48, he has been smoking 1-2 packs a day for 30 years. I am very worried about his health. He makes excuse after excuse. Please, how have you helped convince a loved one in your life to quit?

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Eco Or Electronic Cigarettes, Anyone Tried Them?

Eco or Electronic cigarettes,have any of you guys tried them? how do you find them,and could you recomend any particular make?in the UK so UK supplier if possable, many thanks in advance

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The Mystique Of Cigars

We’ve all seen the stereotype businessman, gangster boss, drugs baron, politician. On TV, in movies, smoking a very large cigar with every evidence of enjoyment. Just what is it about cigars that we associate them with wealth and success, and why are they such a success symbol?Basics, a cigar is just a rolled up tube [...]

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Is The Smoking Everywhere E-cigarette Satisfaction Guaranteed?

I bought my e-cigarette last week, and I have already gone through 3 packs of nicotine cartridges. I’m not smoking any more than I usually do, and I’m not sucking in harder or anything. I was told by the lady that worked at the kiosk that each individual nicotine cartridge was equivalent to 2 packs [...]

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How Do I Quit Smoking Marijuana?

I’ve been smoking almost everyday for the past yar. The longest time i’ve went without smoking weed would probably be two or three days. I have a lot of things going for me like I just got my BA in History at Rutgers and the only real reason to quit would be because I’m not [...]

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