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How Long After You Quit Smoking?

I quit smoking 3 months ago, and I still get really bad cravings. It takes everything I have not to start up again. I am also worried because I have heard people say that they quit for a year and then started up again. How do I prevent this form happening to me.

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What Is The Best Way To Keep The Cigarette Lighter Outlet In A Car From Blowing Its Fuse?

Will a surge protector help? Or does that only protect the electronic device you are plugging into the car lighter? I realize nothing is foolproof.

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Do Your Lungs Clean Themselves Out At All After You Quit Smoking?

I have quit smoking for good. But, I have smoked on and off for about 2 years. I’d say my longest period of smoking was about 9 months. About a thimble size amount of pot being smoked once a day. Of course also the rare time of more than that. No cigarettes, just marijuana . [...]

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Is It Possible To Hook Up Other Electronic Devices To The Power Supply Connected To The Car Radio?

I just bought an Ipod adapter with a screen interface and such. The device gives you two choices, the first being to plug the power supply into the cigarette lighter and the other being to hard wire the device. I want to hard wire the device and split the power connectors going into the radio [...]

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