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Anyone Know Best E-cig On The Market At Present Time?

I have used 3 types of E-cigarettes up to now but all of them seem to go wrong one way or another at the moment. I’m not too much worried about price but does anyone have an idea on the best one there is on the market at present that will not let me down, [...]

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Quit Smoking…?

i’ve been smoking for the last 5 years, and has recently quit a month ago!! all these nicotine has made my gum “darkish” in colour, so i was wondering if there exist any product on the market to make my gum back to their original healthy colour, or what should i do please…thank you in [...]

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How Dangerous Are The E-cigarettes..?

E-cigarettes are claiming to be “Healthy” but they are actually comparing themselves to regular cigarettes and using cheap sophism to back those claim. Cigarette is unhealthy because of “this”, e-cig doesn’t have “this” so it’s healthy! Yet the e-cigarette contains a large quantity of chemical which is not being shared kindly by the makers of [...]

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Whatever Next … ‘electronic Cigarettes’! (a Story On Our Local News This Evening)?

The electronic cigarette is composed of three parts: a battery, an atomizer, and a nicotine cartridge. When you take a drag off of the e-cig, it causes the battery to activate the atomizer which heats up the nicotine solution and turns the nicotine solution into an odorless vapor which can be inhaled and exhaled. They [...]

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Should ‘electronic Cigarettes’ Be Banned On Aircraft?

Yes, banned. The fact is, if a passenger or flight attendant sees smoke, they need to act fast. Especially with transatlantic flights. Plus the air in the cabin is recirculated throughout the aircraft, and those air filters are only cleaned when an aircraft goes in the hangar for heavy maintenance. So why should non-smokers, or [...]

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