Anyone Know Best E-cig On The Market At Present Time?

I have used 3 types of E-cigarettes up to now but all of them seem to go wrong one way or another at the moment. I’m not too much worried about price but does anyone have an idea on the best one there is on the market at present that will not let me down, ie. no battery failure, cartridge jamming when sucking in.


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  1. I have used several with the best being Ruyan. I have also researched them extensively and from what I gather Ruyan is the only legit brand. They have recentlly won several lawsuits on patent infringment.

  2. Congrats on smoking healthier. I love vaping, I’ll never go back to regular cigarettes.
    I’ve only tried 2 e-cigarettes. My first e-cig was the M401 and it was great for the first week until the atomizer got busted, I was so mad. I decided to go with a different brand and its lasted for a few months now. I haven’t had any problems works like a charm. I love it, especially the taste. I never thought an e cig could taste this good.
    BTW, the e-cig is called The Prestige.

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