Are The Cigarettes That Actors/actresses Smoke In Movies/shows Real?

I know it seems like a rhetorical question, but I have to make sure. I see actors/actresses smoking cigarettes in movies and shows, was wondering if those are real cigarettes they are smoking. Was researching alternative cigarettes, only info I found was on electronic cigarette.

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  1. If the actor is a smoker, once in a great while, they’ll just have the actor smoke a cigarette, but that makes it damn hard for continuity. The cigarette has to be the same length in the reverse as it was in the other angle, and in the master. We’re talking about a day’s worth of shooting here sometimes. Drives the script supervisor insane. Another problem with that are municipalities banning smoking in public buildings, and many scenes are shot in public buildings.
    Prop guys have all kinds of tricks. I’ve seen white plastic tubes that talcum powder can be gently blown through, and I’ve seen electronic cigarettes that shoot out the same frankincense that is used in fog machines.
    Hell, cigarettes are disappearing from movies at a rapid pace anyway.

  2. Hollywood is very clever so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had multiple ways of making smoking look real but at the same time I’m sure that a number of actors/actresses really do smoke so maybe if a scene calls for that the directors will just let them do their thing.
    I think some of it real and the rest isn’t.

  3. If you’ve seen the movie, “The Good Son”,
    little Macaulay Culkin was smoking a cigarette,
    and he wasn’t even old enough to say a swear word.
    I think they have to fake some things,
    and others,
    they use real cigarettes,
    only because the actor themselves
    actually smoke.

  4. I believe they are real and it’s funny when you watch an actor who doesn’t smoke in real life. They aren’t convincing in the movie.

  5. Haha I was wondering the same thing.

  6. Ive read that Leonardo Dicaprio and John Meyer smoke electronic cigarettes. They were black and had a little crown7 logo on the cigarettes.

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