Are You Supposed To Taste Anything From E Cigarettes As Nothing Seems To Happen When I Try To Use Mine?

You must be having a problem with yours. Make sure the atomizer is screwed in nice and tight. Make sure the battery is charged and make sure that your nicotine cartridge is not empty.
When you pull, does the light on the end go off? If it is blinking you need to charge your battery. Try pulling the cartridge off of the atomizer and blowing into it. Does it heat up and produce a little vapor? If not, you might need to replace your atomizer.
As far as taste, you shouldn’t taste anything. Your vapor might have a slight taste to it, but if you are getting liquid in your mouth then you are doing something incorrectly.
If you have any questions, let me know.


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  2. I don’t smoke I don’t even know what an E cig is. What is it?

  3. Have you printed it off properly?

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