Can You Smoke An E Cigarette On A Plane ?

Can you smoke e cigarettes on a plane ?
They are legal and you can smoke them in work places and in pubs ?
remember there is no smell no smoke just vapour
your thoughts

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  1. I think you can, but worth checking with airline beforehand…… Captain.. They also say that Jesus save, not on my wages he couldn’t !!

  2. yes you can smoke the electric ciggrettes on a plane since the only emission is water.
    but i would feel extremly uncomfortable actually smoking one on a plane.
    he doesnt need to smoke on the plane, and no i’m not talking about those horrible patches or gum, why doesnt he try mouth tobacco. you can either get it in chewing form, or what i got, is a little satchet form, that you put between your cheek and gum.
    good tobacco stores should have them, the supermarkets might aswell in the tobacinists section.

  3. It is not illegal to inhale them in public or indoor places, so go ahead. I’d be very satisfied in being able to relieve my addiction without the inevitable offence that it causes people these days.

  4. Cant see why not. I used one of those nicoreete inhalers for my fix on my last 11hr flight to india.

  5. Possibly but you should check with your airline.

  6. yes

  7. Excuse me, I have a solution. Why pollute your body at all?
    GOD wants us pure of body, mind, and spirit. Maybe a 10 hour flight with no nicotine is something GOD wants for him.
    God Bless you-
    Captain Art Griego
    P.S. Be sure to bring your Bible and pray during the flight. Air travel is exceedingly dangerous these days, just look at all the crashes. In reality, we pilots don’t really know what keeps a plane from dropping out of the sky like a stone. Sure, we have aerodynamic flight theory training in flight school, but that’s JUST A THEORY. I’ve often been severely shaken by the thought that pilots don’t really know why the plane stays in the air.
    EDIT: I am not the one who will judge, GOD judges.

  8. You’re obviously not a pilot. But, if you feel like preaching, maybe God would like everyone to smoke.

  9. God put it here and btw idc what you think, if i want to smoke i will and the people against alot of things are ass holes who don’t know how to properly read the bible.

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