Has Anyone Tried Those New Electronic Cigarettes…with No Fire, No Ash, No Tar ..etc.?

Just wondering how you like them…..and where to buy them (if they are any good)


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  1. My housemate had one of these. They’re quite good, healthier than cigarettes, tar-free and you can smoke them inside. You do look a bit of a wally smoking a fake cigarette, but on the plus side you can sit inside when it’s raining, and you can live longer. Plus you’re not breathing in smoke.
    My housemate used hers quite a lot, but still enjoyed a ‘real’ cigarette a few times a day – it did take her down from 20 cigarettesa day to 2 or 3 though, and the filters last ages.
    As a non smoker I had a few drags on the cigarette, and though it tasted quite nice (and you do get a puff; you breathe out something that resembles smoke), it felt almost like you were breathing in dust.
    Anyway, I hope this helps. They seem to be pretty good, but I don’t think they’ll wean you completely off cigarettes.
    (Also, they come in a nice looking box!)

  2. i havnt tried them but i like the idea behind it
    you can get them on websites like iwoot.com, findmeagift.com etc
    its cheaper to just use a pen or straw or something.
    dont know if it actually feels like smoking tho (as apposed to sucking on a straw?)

  3. I haven’t tried them but I’ve seen them in local malls. They look like a better choice for the environment, seeing as it takes a while for them to decompose, but I’m not sure about what a great substitute they would make.
    Happy Easter.

  4. Gee, No fire no ash, why not just invent a cigarette pill then there would be no butt left over either.
    At what point does it no longer resemble a cigarette and simply become chewing tobacco?

  5. I dont smoke.

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