How To Contact Support Dept?

I joined last night but did not post any posts, but today the site has suspend my account and tells me to contact the support dept.
But the problem is I cannot get the details for the support dept so I can ask them why they have suspended my account


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  1. Hello,
    The same thing has occurred with my account, this is not a problem with the user accounts but the domain hosting account. The owner of has to contact their web host to update their information because they have been using too much bandwidth and they have been banned. E cigarette is hosted on foreign servers where they have been having problems because e cigarettes are borderline illegal there. There is nothing you can do for right now but to just wait until the issue is resolved by the owner, until then you can bookmark the page and visit every once in a while to see if it is back up and running. See you around there, my user name is yoshistr.

  2. They are switching to a new hosting company and will be back soon. It isn’t YOUR account that that message is referring to, but the site owner’s account with the hosting company. The site will be back up soon with a new hosting company.
    Until then, this is the link to the American E-cig forum,, Many of the people from the forum that is down are posting there for now.

  3. Yeah, the page that comes up when you try to go to the forum…..
    something dot bluehost dot com…..
    I went to and there is a chat box there…..
    I was all like “Where’s my forum? I was wanting to catch up on my reading there!”
    And whoever I was chatting with was like “I can not give out any information unless you are the owner of the account”
    So I said “Alas, I am but a lowly forum member, perhaps someday I can own my own forum and have access to such information.”
    Then I left.
    But yes as others have stated it’s not our accounts.

  4. Ya, it’s due to him constantly going over his CPU Usage, and not really his bandwidth. So keep that in mind. Anyways I’m halopunker on the forums :P Here is the email he wrote me:
    Hi Robert,
    I’m hoping it will be back up before the weekend. The technical bods at the new hosting company are working on it as we speak.
    Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
    So hopefully by this weekend it is cleared. Don’t forget, he does have a donate button at the top of his forums so please support him!

  5. I tried going on and received this message: “Connection Problems – Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.” Is it because of all the influx of users from Or are they getting a new site, too?

  6. Cheers for the updates guys, I’ve been offline for a few weeks (Hogmanay followed by Flu is not a good combination lol).
    Tried to log on to the E Cigs forum and saw it was a no-goer. :-(
    Mmmm, I’m already missing my ‘fix’.
    Hope to see you all back there soon. :-)
    p.s., incase you hadn’t already worked it out lol, I’m Weegie Burd on there…

  7. It does have to do with bandwidth and it’s up to the forum administrators to fix :).
    I’m missing the site too! I’ve been creating a new site for e-cig information, and it’s just been finished tonight. I really wanted to announce it on the forum, but it’s down so here goes..
    We’ve got a forum on there as well. It would be good for these down times. Hope you guys like!

  8. ratindahat has a forum at:

  9. I miss it too! This has happened before and it has to do with bandwidth. We usually meet up over at to discuss where we are going, but that site went down too! There has been a lot of new traffic lately… and there is one other place, but unfortunately my link is trapped! As soon as I can access it, I will edit and repost!

  10. well i frequent the forums(probably way too much) is there anywhere else everyone is meeting up while we wait for the issue to be resolved

  11. What’s up, is there anybody else here?
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  12. I’ve been trying for sometime to contact e-cig but appears to not be available. I recently was a sucker and got the Magic Jack, so I am leary of any promo’s like this on the net, particularly when they are not user friendly. I would be suspicious.
    Good Luck

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