Is It Normal To Feel So Tired After You Quit Smoking?

I have been taking “chantix” the quit smoking pill. Today is my 2nd without a cigarette, and I don’t even want one. It’s just that I feel so tired today, and I was wondering if that is normal. If anyone has had this happen or knows anything about it I would appreciate any answers or advice.

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  1. It is completely normal. When your body is use to high levels of nicotine, the lack of it will cause a “low” You may feel draggy and tired for a week or two. As your system adjusts to this change it will start to improve. Drink lots of water and try to avoid high carb foods as well as these will add to the tired feeling.

  2. yes this happens a lot and is just a part of quitting smoking that is hard to avoid. try taking a brisk walk when you start to get tired this stimulates your brain and causes it to release endorphins. You will find a 10 or 15 minute stroll will reduce your tiredless dramatically. Also drink plenty of fresh fruit juice as this will help your body get rid of stored toxins.
    good luck and stick with it!

  3. Of course it is normal. But i have a question for you – How long have you been smoking?
    I smoked 2 years and when I started to realize I need to quit it took me 3 weeks before I done it. The first 2 up to 5 days were terrible but somehow I survived them and since that time it is absolutely brilliant.

  4. Congratulations. Yes, that is perfectly normal. It should clear up quickly.

  5. yes, its part of the withdrawal symptoms..u should drink a lot of water and do will subside after a couple of weeks.

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