Should ‘electronic Cigarettes’ Be Banned On Aircraft?

Yes, banned.
The fact is, if a passenger or flight attendant sees smoke, they need to act fast.
Especially with transatlantic flights.
Plus the air in the cabin is recirculated throughout the aircraft, and those air filters are only cleaned when an aircraft goes in the hangar for heavy maintenance.
So why should non-smokers, or those allergic to cigarette smoke have to endure inhaling second hand smoke?


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  1. There is no smoke in the electronic cigarette. The current debate upon airlines, which is mostly occurring in Europe since the e-cig has been around longer there, is that the airlines are concerned that people will think the e-cig is an actual cigarette and start smoking real cigarettes.
    Technically though, as there is no smoke, only a water based vapor, and it dissipates immediately upon exhalation, there is no reason to ban an electronic cigarette on an airplane and in fact some pilots and flight staff actually do smoke these while in flight.
    Inevitably, it is up to the airline to determine what they feel is safe for their staff and their passengers. I have used my on an airplane, but I was also acting responsibly and being very discreet.

  2. Yes them ‘Muslim’ terrorists will plant an I.E.D in them.

  3. lol @ fainstl
    Do you really think that smoke comes out of electronic cigarettes???
    Of course it doesn’t!!!!

  4. no why don,t people leave people a lone they moan about second hand smoke now that they don,t get smoke that’s wrong as well soon you will not be able to pass wind

  5. umm hello did you forget the whole point of these THEY ARE NOT REAL SMOKE!!! duh

  6. no, thats like saying should CD players and laptops be banned on aircraft. they are just electronics

  7. Maybe a separate section for them

  8. What?

  9. What moron wrote this article?

    There is no “smoke” from e cigs, only water vapor.

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