Where Can I Buy An E-cigarette In Winnipeg?


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  1. Ya, he’s got a Jets hat but I don’t think he’s from Winnipeg.
    I’m from Winnipeg too, actually in the St.Vital area. We are in the armpit of Canada, it seems we don’t get any of the new stuff that floats around the rest of the world. Pity ;) I tried looking for a place that sells them too, I heard a store in St.Vital Center had them, but they had to remove them for some reason. I just get mine online and I’m going to be a distributor of them. I figure with our brutal cold weather (especially this last winter), people are going to go nuts over these. I already have people lined up to buy these.

  2. hey, i have been a smoker for 12 years and am trying to quit, unsuccessfuly, and am very interested in aquiring this device. if anyone has access to one let me know please. thanx. oh, p.s i live in the peg

  3. I use the e cig and purchase them in the US. The company I purchased mine form also ships to Canada. You can email me if you like at gomom37@yahoo.com

  4. Matt,
    Email me at gomom37@yahoo.com. I’ll give yu information on the e cig and where to buy.

  5. I’m distributing them in Winnieg. please checkout my website

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