Harmful Effects Of Vapor Cigarettes?

what is harmful about the vapor cigarettes?
these aren’t the ones with the flame retarded on them they are the electronic cigarettes with flavoring, water, nicotien and another ingredient i cant think of right now
does anyone know the health hazards of these cigarettes

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  1. Become the slave of nicotine and you’ll learn the harm is not being able to lead a normal life without having to constantly feed your addiction. There’s no harm in nicotine gum, or the patch, but they continue the addiction to nicotine, which is why they are manufactured by tobacco companies. In your case you’re still forcing substances into your lungs, not a healthy choice.

  2. Honestly – there haven’t been any studies done officially, but unofficially some electronic cigarettes contain a nicotine chemical which is the huge debate with the FDA right now. Some say inhaling the nicotine in such manner could induce nicotine poisoning due to its potency. So please be careful when choosing. They could very well be banned soon in the United States.
    However i recommend, The SmokeFree from Health e-Choice as it is an electronic cigarette product with an FDA licensed formula that is brand new. The formula is 100% all natural with no harmful chemicals, 2nd-hand smoke or any other unwanted bi-product. The bi-product is simply water vapor – and last time i checked water wasn’t harmful to our health. My friend liked them so much he signed up as a distributor and is now selling them retail. They have a video on their product page that explains the electronic cigarette and the benefits in greater detail.
    You can by electronic cigarettes or get info from his site: http://www.healthechoice.net/healthysmoking or visit his blog http://www.BuyElectronicCigarettesOnline.com
    If you need more help, just email him: info@buyelectroniccigarettesonline.com
    Hope that helps!

  3. You can buy the types of BLU cigs, that have different levels of Nicotine, from 16mg 12mg 8mg or Nicotine free. If you get the Nicotine free ones there is no known harmful affects, it just gives you the flavor of the cartridge and gives off water vapor which dissipates in several seconds.

  4. If WATER VAPOR comes out of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES, then you wouldn’t see any VAPOR come out of your mouth, since your mouth and lungs would absorb the vapor. Common sense would tell you, that there is something more to this than WATER VAPOR!

  5. Gennaro, go back and read what you just typed out. If our lungs were capable of absorbing water, we wouldn’t drown in water now would we. Also, your argument indicates that you think it’s impossible for the human body to expel water. So I would have to conclude that you’ve never taken a piss or have never sweat on a hot day. Your “knowledge” is a little skewed my friend.

  6. Many use vegetable glycerin and a few other chemicals and flavoring. I used for 3 months and began getting strange anxiety feelings with it. When I realized it could be the e-cig, I researched the liquid and there are some pretty nasty ingredients in there as it is imported from where else – China. (some of antifreeze in small amounts). I stopped for a few days and anxiety went away, but the need to ‘hold and inhale’ was still there. So, I mixed my own with pure vegetable glycerin and pure orange extract. Within days, the anxiety was so bad, I though I was going insane. I stopped and within a day, the anxiety subsided some and after 2 days, it was gone. It may not happen to everyone, but it happened to me and I will never touch one again. I will go back to smoking a cigarette before I go through the mental anguish this thing appears to have caused.

  7. Okay Necromicon, you are right! Since your “KNOWLEDGE” is so UNSKEWED, and also in good measure, a wise a– to boot! WATER VAPOR is produced from cooling off a boiling point, or when it is exposed to heat as in a frozen state (ICE)! It also can be produced, when a temprature is the same as the DEW POINT. With an E-CIG, this is visually inpossible, since there are many different temprature factors here taking place.
    The human body, e-cig, and outside temprature, will not expel any VISABLE vapor. Furthermore Necromicon, you had taken my statement out of context in what I was trying to explain. Some vapor will absorb in body molecules, then later expelled as carbon dioxide from the lungs, prespiration, and urination. SKEWED YOU!

  8. Hi Dee, if you really did or want quit smoking, try not to go back! There are many other alternatives out there to keep you from backsliding. Call the smokers hotline, 311, or a doctor for help if needed.

    I heard Oricular therapy works 90 percent of the time for those whom want to really quit. Good Luck Dee!

    Necromicon, I rest my case!

  9. Skewed you?? Uhh . . . okay. Not really sure what that means, but it was a little difficult to decipher your sad attempt at “one-upping” me (or whatever you were trying to do there) with all the misspelled words. You’ll have to be patient, I don’t speak idiot too well.

    Also, why are you so defensive? Is your self esteem THAT low that you would let a complete stranger get you all riled up like that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered that my opinion is clearly so important to you, but you must lead an insanely stressful life if it’s that easy for someone you don’t even know to get under your skin that quickly.

    And to top it all off, you’re STILL wrong. When you take a drag, you’re breathing in water vapor mixed with glycol, nicotine, and a few other ingredients. Your lungs act like a filter and absorb the nicotine and small amounts of the other ingredients, and then you exhale the leftover WATER VAPOR.

    Please, do a little more research and really learn what it is you’re flappin’ your gums about before you continue making yourself look like a complete and total fool. Hell, my doorknob knows more about the inner working of our bodies than you do. I know for sure that my humidifier does! (hint, hint)

    For Christ’s sake man, have a little pride in yourself and know when to admit that you’re wrong. You’ll gain much more respect that way and you’ll learn so much more about the world we live in.

    There’s nothing wrong with not knowing something. I see moments like that as little snippets of opportunity where I can gain something I previously didn’t possess.

    Take care my friend, and good luck with your journey towards making yourself a better person, a more knowledgeable person. Determination is the key brother, I have faith in you. ;)

  10. Also dear Gennaro, Dee is speaking of the cheap smoke juice from China that is, in fact, filled with a load of harmful crap that our bodies aren’t meant to ever ingest.

    But I buy premium smoke juice from an American company that doesn’t contain ANY of the harmful ingredients Dee is referring to. So as I said before, you really should research all aspects of the subject at hand before you run around looking ridiculous by trying to defend your ill-conceived notions and misguided need to be right at all costs.

    I promise you that, if you gain some self-respect and a little more confidence in yourself instead of trying to obtain your sense of self worth through other people’s view of you, you’ll be a much happier person throughout all aspects of your life.

    Don’t worry so much about proving yourself right all the time because, as you’ve clearly shown in this case, you only serve to make yourself look worse than you would have if you’d just not spoken out of turn about something you know nothing about.

  11. What is your problem Necromicon? Do you feel your almighty self esteem gives you passage in dumping on people you really don’t know about? My notions are not ill-conceived, and don’t need to fight at all costs to be right. I can admit when I’m wrong! If you feel that I am wrong, then you might want to elaborate more about the vapor, or ask me what the hell I am tryin to bring about here, instead of slandering about my self esteem? Do you expect me to sit back and burst out crying over your demeaning me? I will not allow you the granduer! Since when did you take the place of your maker?

    Furthermore, I don’t need your patronizing about having faith in me, getting the right information, and my lifes journey, or even being a friend!

    You were being a bit egotistical to say the least.

    However, If you want to share information, you could show your self esteem in a more gracious manner?

    Please accept my apology for being rude in my last post! My anger at times could be a bit overbearing. Gennaro

  12. Gennaro, I really have to congratulate you (and no, I’m not being condescending right now) because you are the first person to catch on this fast.

    I will be the first to admit that my methods are pretty harsh, but there’s no doubt that they are also effective.

    This all began when I read your comment about water vapor which came across as very condescending to everyone and anyone who believed that you exhale water vapor when you “smoke” e-cigs.

    Now I may have taken that the wrong way and that was why I immediately jumped on you. I felt like you were standing on your soapbox telling all those below you that we’re idiots for believing the water vapor story and I have issues with people that think they know better than everyone else.

    Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Necro, that’s exactly what YOU did to me!!”

    And you’re right, I did. But there was a method to my madness that goes a little something like this:

    Tell a drug addict that he shouldn’t do drugs because they’re going to kill him and you might as well have told the sun that it’s not allowed to rise in the morning and set at night. Tell an alcoholic that he shouldn’t drink and you would get farther trying to tell a baby he can’t shit in his diaper. And if you tell someone that thinks they are 100% correct in the facts that they believe to be true, you might as well just punch yourself in the nuts because it would have the same effect.

    I belong to a very tiny percentage (2% to be exact) of people that find themselves addicted to drugs, an alcoholic, constantly being arrested, extremely violent, suicidal, homeless, and without a friend or family member in the world, that finally stand up one day, wipe themselves off, become resolved in the fact that enough is enough, and not only TRY to turn their life around but actually SUCCEED at doing so.

    I’m going to share a little personal story with you. My mother committed suicide in 1997 when I was 22 years old and I had a complete meltdown. I spent the next TWELVE years doing every drug I could get my hands on, drinking 24/7, fighting with everyone I met, often times for no reason at all, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I have been locked up aside from my ONE trip to prison.

    I was filled with so much rage and hatred, and I was determined that I was going to go down and take the whole world with me.

    But now I am in my second year of college where I’m studying to get a Bachelors of Science degree in Audio Engineering, I just got married in April to an incredible woman, I own my own home, and we’re expecting our first child in mid-October.

    My wife and I have been together now going on 3 years and we have NEVER ONCE had so much as a fight, an argument, or a major disagreement. We’ve never exchanged bitter words or name calling, and we never have to worry about what the other is thinking or doing because we communicate better than any couple I’ve ever met.

    She doesn’t believe me sometimes when I tell her stories about my past because it’s so different than the man I am today. Honestly, I can’t even recall the last time I was mad at someone.

    Now let me ask you honestly, if I had replied that first time and just said that you’re stupid and wrong, that could have possibly lead to a whole string of, “No, YOU are wrong!” – “No, YOU are!” – “Noooooo . . . . YOU ARE!!” and so on and so on.

    If I had simply said something idiotic like, “You’re such a fag and you’re momma’s a whore.” (Or whatever other stupid, childish, and immature thing you always hear people say to each other these days), would you have wrote me back and said, “Please accept my apology for being rude in my last post! My anger at times could be a bit overbearing. Gennaro”? I highly doubt it.

    I had to make an example. I had to push things to the extreme, but in an indisputable and logical manner. Yeah, I may have been being a dickhead or whatever, but everything I was saying was actually logical (in a strange sort of way, lol). There isn’t a chance in hell you would have apologized if it didn’t at least make SOME sense, right?

    So now I offer my sincerest apologies for the manner in which I came at you and for the way I spoke to you. But this is what I do these days. I talk to groups of kids, inmates, and anyone else willing to listen about the dangers of putting too much stock into how others behave or speak.

    Who cares if that guy thinks your girlfriend is hot? That’s a COMPLIMENT! Why worry if someone you don’t know calls you a pussy? What is his opinion mean to you? If someone cuts you off on the highway, what is going to be accomplished by screaming at them? They can’t hear you and the deed is already done! They can’t UN-cut you off.

    I’m also sorry for using you kind of like a guinea pig, but I’m writing a book and I have to make sure that my methods, while being completely ass-backwards from how the entire Psychological community believes to be the “correct way”, do actually work.

    You can’t tell people that they need to change, or that they have to grow up, or that their behavior is getting them nowhere. NEWSFLASH!!! They already know that!!! You have to really make them see and experiences WHY! Our system is broken and worthless and it just doesn’t work. If it did, there would be a lot more than just 2% getting themselves together and changing their lives around.

    So again, I accept your apology and I hope that you accept mine. I hope I didn’t bore you with this little mini-novel I just wrote! lol Take care and it was good to meet you. ;)

  13. Necromicon, you had gone through a lot of trouble! I have to give you a thumbs up, for you made that 360 happen in your life. May GOD allow, faith, health, happiness, love, and prosperity always to be with you and your family’s lives.

    I too, had gone through some trouble during my lifetime. ut didn’t yet fall to the loss of a parent. I am happily married for 22 years, without any children. At first, we were trying for a child, but due to a chronic health issue that had befallen my wife, she would not be able to carry a child to term. All in all, considering the geographical area in which we reside, and our financial situation, this has worked out for the best.

    However, there are some personal changes I need to follow through on that would benefit myself and my family’s life. First, I do need to quit smoking, and start an exercise regimen for my health. Secondly, I need to start a business to become an independent person, not having to rely on my employer, whom doesen’t even care for his own family! Imagine that! I feel, if a man dosen’t care for his family, then how could he care for his employees? A “person” like this is less than a man, and on par with an animal!

    You were right about speaking with people. You could talk til your blue in the face! It is up to the individual to change their life around.

    Lastly, since this blog isn’t really a place to vent, or divert from the topic at hand, I will in respect to this blog, bring some logic to my answer. You were also right about my first statement. As I carefully looked it over, it would seem opposite at what I was trying to bring about. I know our bodies expel water vapor, but immediately failed to explain that! What I meant was, expeling the water vapor without the combonation of the chemical additive Glycol, the vapor wouldn’t be visible. In addition to this statement, these E-Cigs companies claim to have a vegatable based glycol, which at the moment, is supposed to be harmless to our general health. Moreover, I had gotten a free E-Cig kit from PRADO, and as soon as I opened the package, it had a burnt electrical smell coming out of the kit, which nausated me! Well, as you would guess, I sent it back! I started smoking Marlboro Red Box $.60 in 1979 at 14 years old, and after quiting at 22, because at the time, I was experiencing Panic Attacks, which cigarettes would stimulate the effect! When the Panic Attacks had subsided, at 26, I started to ask my sister-in law for a cigarette, Newport Menthol, then of course I was hooked again!

    Now I am 46, and now smoking Marlboro Red Soft Pack, which I find to have the same kick as the Box, but tastes less chemically harsh?

    Necromicon, Your apology was accepted the moment I’ve read it!

    You are an inspiration to those who need to turn their lives around, including mine!

    Please tell me when your book is published, and ready for sale, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

    Take care, and GOD BLESS You and those whom are part of your life.


  14. Gennaro, please feel free to contact me at my regular email, necro1775@yahoo.com. Talk to you there.

  15. I’m pretty impressed that what initially looked like mutual cyberbullying turned into a respecful interchange. My faith in humanity has been partially restored. By the way i stopped ecigs when my jw kept becoming sore and I felt a general level of toxicity (feeling of brain pushing against skull, cottonmouth, stomach and digestion discomfort, feeling of disease.) These symtpoms persisted (especailly the sore jaw) even when I reduced niccotine ratio. I went from 18mg down to 4mg and still sore jaw. Some weird reaction i supposed, because when i discontinued the ecigs and went back to the gum, the symptom went away.

  16. Awesome happy ending. For GOD is good and I believe that there was a reason for that exchange. Make good on it!
    I only stumbled on this because I’m an actor and was looking for a prop (cigarette) that was as realistic as possible, without setting off any smoke-alarms. I do thank you for all your input.
    Be blessed.

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