I’m Looking To Buy An E-cigarette, What Is The Most Realistic To A Menthol Cig? Value & Safety Important To Me?

You would probably want a mini electronic cigarette with the menthol cartridge. They look similar to a smoke. The menthol isn’t so menthol. A bit more minty, but considering they do some weird things to get you that “cool” sensation in regular smokes, you aren’t going to find that with these. You will get the taste, but not the coolness.
You could try a different flavor. I have found vanilla and chocolate are really good. If you are changing it up anyways, a different flavor might make the entire situation completely different.
As far as safety – You have to weigh that for yourself. Compare what is in the nicotine cartridge vs a tobacco cigarette.


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  1. Ok, I’m naive….what’s an e-cigarette?

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