Is There Any Harm In E-cigarettes?

I just got a mini cig from and I really enjoy smoking it I’m just wondering if there is danger from smoking it too often? I have felt really light headed from smoking too much and I figure something about that can’t be good or something about breathing in this vapor because it like normal cigarettes occasionally causes me to gag.

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  1. ~~You sound like you are getting to much nicotine (the dizziness). There is nothing in them except pure nicotine, minus all the toxic chemicals that are in cigarettes.
    Nicotine still isn’t good for you. It does constrict your blood veins, speeds up your heart and can cause high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure.
    With the E-cig, you are removing the risks of cancer causing substances, so if you are going to smoke it is a much healthier way of smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes are absolutely scary.
    If later you want to eliminate the nicotine, they have a graduating down filter choice so it’s much easier to quit. If you like the physical habit you can order non nicotine filters in flavors. All in all, it;s a way better choice than regular cigarettes
    Just cut back on how much you smoke of your Ecig at a time and the dizziness will go away.~~

  2. WHAT? what are you talking about? I have never heard of this but I have heard about this awfully bad thing called cancer. I lost both my father and father-in-law to those little death-sticks. a Dr asked my mother-in-law how long she had smoked because of her chronic respiratory disease she replied never – it was due to 50 years of sharing the same deadly air with my father-in-law. You sound like a smart person. Can’t you see how your body is trying to tell you these things are bad for you? Please, please do yourself a favor. Stop this fatal $#!+ now before you are walking around dragging a little aluminum bottle behind you having to calculate the amount of time you can be away from home before you run out of air and start gasping for air and turning blue!

  3. No cigarette is safe.
    You probably wanted positive answers so that you can continue smoking with more confidence.
    You know very well that you are not doing the right thing. But you can’t quit!
    Start quitting by starting tapering your daily dose from now on. You probably know how to quit!
    You all are with you and want to see you a non smoker in 2 months.
    1….2…..3…….Ready…..Stop Smoking !!!

  4. No combustion, no tar etc.

    User inhales only nicotine.

    While nicotine is addictive, it is not, repeat, IS NOT, a carcinogen.

    Again, there is NO increased cancer risk from nicotine use.


    Read first, then comment.

  5. umm. yeah!! first of all, are you reetarded?? smoking is one of the worst things you can do to yourself!!! ur cancer sticks will shave years off your life!!! and can cause lung cancer too!! and second hand smoke will kill all of your loved ones!! you wouldnt want that, would you??

  6. i say use the patch
    it did the trick for me
    und i was a dyed in the wool 2 pack a day girl for 15 years

  7. it’s really up to you how you want to kill yourself.

  8. For all of you who are telling people to just quit, let me be the first to tell you, it’s anything but easy. Two days ago, I quit smoking cigarettes completely after averaging a pack a day. My last two days have been spent hunched over the toilet with an unconquerable stomach pain. So, I’d first like to say, telling people that they are going to die is the wrong approach to getting someone to quit. Most smokers know this already. We don’t need to hear it again. The thought that “if i had one cigarette, this would all go away” is always in the back of my head. This is what makes it so hard to quit.

    Hence, why I am here, I have been extensively researching these e-cigarettes. The show “The Doctors” did a review of e-cigarettes and concluded that no, there are no cancer causing agents in an electronic cigarette. BUT that’s not saying they are not bad for you. Nicotine is an extremely addictive drug and you are still getting a dosage of it with the E. However, you are not getting the tar, or any of the other 20 carcinogens that are in cigarettes. One of the doctors even smoked it knowing that it was not harmful to his body. Debijs is also correct, nicotine does increase your risk of cardiac related illnesses such as high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

    From the information I’ve gathered though, e-cigarettes when used in proper dosages, eliminate cravings for real cigarettes by delivering the nicotine and relieving anxiety. The damaging effects of e-cigarettes are exactly the same as drinking coffee. So, to all of you who said you’re killing yourself with them, you’re killing yourself just as fast driving through starbucks in the morning and getting your latte enema that you so desperately need to get through the day.

    Keep smoking the e-cigarette rather than real ones. It’s an incomparable improvement from smoking . Also, if you’re trying to quit, try drinking coffee with your e-cigarette. Your cravings for the cig will slowly decrease and eventually you will want the coffee more than the vapor. Therefor, your nicotine reliance is extinguished.

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