Njoy Electronic Cigarettes….?

Where can I buy these from a store?!?
I don’t want to buy online. Please help!
I have searched very long already!!!


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  1. Unfortunately for you, at the present time they only sell the Njoy electronic cigarettes thru there online site/

  2. I just bought Njoy starter kit from a Pilot Travel Center (gas station) in Ocala,Fl. $69.99 for the Npro. There website says T/A travel centers, kangaroo also carry them. Just call ahead and see if they got em. So far so good, feels pretty close to a real smoke.

  3. My God you’d think we were all trying to buy crack or something. It’s like some big secret to go locally and purchase a darn e-cig to help someone quit smoking, but they’ll sure be quick to tell us how bad smoking is and how horrible we are for doing it. But try to get something to help you quit and you have to go to some underground dealer somewhere. FDA is ridiculous, but then again after spouting how horrible smoking is I bet the gov is losing a hell of a lot of income from those taxes smokers were paying!!

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