Are Blu E-cigarette Safe?

So Basicly Im A Average Smoker And I saw a ad for blu e-cigs and thought was pretty cool considering i feel like crap all the time lungs hurtin and trouble breathing but what im asking are Blu E-Cigs Safe?

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  1. E-Cigs have had no real formal studies. You are inhaling propelene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, water and nicotine (optional). That’s a whole hell of a lot less ingredients than in tobacco cigs!
    Basically, these items have been deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA. BUT not for this purpose.
    Do some research before you buy an e-cig (BLU doesn’t have that great of a reputation)
    Here are some resources to start you off – there is a wealth of information on e-cigs in general, also reviews on some of the many different styles and recommendations on suppliers and some Buyer Beware Info also
    PAT M
    Cancel your BLU order and go to
    after reading just a little bit you’ll find one you’d like to order and a recommendation on supplier. You could have your e-cig by the end of the week!

  2. E-cigs still have nicotine – though, IMHO, you have more control over the levels than traditional cigarettes. Just order the cartridges with the amount you want (Blu offers a nicotine-free cartridge).
    They do not produce smoke, a plus. Or tar, another plus. And, from what I’ve read, the mist you are inhaling contains no toxins, either.
    So, while not completely safe, they are safer than regular cigarettes.

  3. They are SAFER for you. They are not actually a cigarette though, they are just modeled after cigarettes to give you the psychological satisfaction of a cigarette.
    you are a lot better off with an e-cigarette than a traditional cigarette, which doesnt mean that an e-cig is healthy or anything. the only problem with the blu e-cigs is i ordered mine on june 19th, and it still hasnt even shipped yet. i know they are not a scam, its just that their shipping department needs to get their $h!t together.

  4. Uhm, well its a cigarette im sure its not.
    If, its got nicotine then yes, its dangerous.

  5. When nicotine is introduced to a human body, in any form, it is still poison. You are inhaling propelene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin plus the nicotine into your lungs and these chemicals have never been tested on the body. Chances are very likely a harmful combination in any form. These first two chemicals may be OK to injest into the stomach but the lungs are another mechanism all together.

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