Are E Cigarettes Better For You Then Regular Ones?

what kind of damage can they cause? this is for a family member. Which is better for them.. even though neither are. But is it better to use the e cig?


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  1. For me, Yes, they are safer than tobacco cigs. That’s not to say that they are completely safe though.
    If you’re serious about checking it out here are some resources:
    E-Cig forum News section:…
    Dr. Siegel’s New Website:
    This Dr. used to be employed by the anti-tobacco industry and now speaks out against their false claims and scare tactics. His site has some good info on e-cigs too.
    Just do some research or present these sites along with the idea to your family member. When I found that forum I was on it constantly for days just reading and learning before I bought one. Two weeks after I had it – I was completely off of tobacco cigs.
    Good Luck!

  2. They cause no damage cause they contain no carcinogens.

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