Electric Cigarettes. Where To Buy Them?

Can anyone give me any information on the electric cigarettes.. How do they work and where to buy them from..Has anyone tried them out yet? I am really curious as i have to give up and i have been told that they are harmless to the people that smoke them and also they cant harm anyone in the area of the smoker..I have looked them up on the internet but as for peoples feedback there wasnt much and i could find a place in Liverpool or nearest to Liverpool to acquire them..

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  1. Oh great question! Just read about these on Radio ones sight, All I know is that the price is about 35 quid for a starter pack then £4 a time for refills…

  2. Great question!
    There is a cacophony of information and opinions circulating about the pros and cons of E Cigarettes.
    Personally, I’m an E Cigarette user and a dedicated proponent of their value in a simple nicotine delivery system without the toxins of tobacco.
    My staff at our website will keep you informed on all of the news, reviews, reports and opinions concerning
    E Cigarettes.
    Make the switch to the one and only healthier smoking alternative – E Cigarettes!

  3. Try here, it tells you all about them and you can buy them http://www.intellicig.com or find more doing a search for e.cigarettes, the e stands for electronic though, not electric.

  4. electric ciggarettes interesting!

  5. WOW! I never heard of them. Is that a new way to quit smoking? Well, good luck on your search. Sorry I can’t help.

  6. contact addresses/ph.no.s/retailers in New Delhi

  7. where can i buy from?

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