Has Anyone Ever Gotten A Headache From An E-cigarette?

i think the source of my monster headaches that occur every other week are from cigarettes (i think it is probably caused by the 2000+ cocktail of chemicals). at the same time, i hate smoking in my car (my job requires me to drive long distances)
i’m just wondering if i switch to e-cigarettes (which only contain nicotine and a water-based vaporizing liquid) that it’ll stop my headaches. i would also like to hear from anyone with their general e-cigarette experience as well

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  1. ive been a smoker for 20 plus yrs. and heard about the e-cigarettes last year. So I wanted to quit smoking. and ordered the e-cigarette. Its been 4 monthes now using the e-cig. and I love it! I dont smell like smoke and got more energy. I havent wanted a real cigarette since. its amazing. You can smoke it anywhere. Sounds like your headache are due to stress maybe. If it the cigarette? try e-cigarette with low nic. It works out to be a dollar a day, using the e-cig. and you save cash as well… good luck.. best site to ordered from is http://www.jantyusa.com.

  2. I think so , Headache caused by smoking as you know very well.
    The best way is quit smoking.
    Smoking is so bad for everyone beside you and your health.
    This link http://good-lung.blogspot.com/2009/06/vi… may be help you to cure a headache.

  3. I don’t smoke but just the smell of any type of cigarette makes me get a headache.

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