Has Anyone Tried The Health E-cigarette ?

Does it really work. How much is it like the “real” thing & if I decided to purchase the kit, would it be worth it ?
Thanks !!

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  1. Before you shell out any cash, I would do some more research. There are forums for e-cigs with reviews from real users not sales people. Read through some of those before you decide. There are also links to reputable/dependable dealers WITH reviews of them too, coupon codes, etc.
    I like this site: e-cigarette-forum.com its one of the biggest.
    and vapersforum.com one of the funnest if you’re a bit of a wild child lol
    If you smoke and really want off of tobacco – this is the only thing that worked for me and I smoked for over 30 years!
    Good luck
    Edit: This isn’t a one time purchase. There is a lot of maintenance involved but it’s still totally worth it. RESEARCH!!!

  2. I have mine for 2 months, and I love it. I cut down on “real” cigarettes a lot. The vapor is not as strong as real cigs, so I smoke about two a day. Some do look like cigarettes, some come in colors.
    The pros are just too many to name. but leading off is
    you get to stop bringing tar into your lungs and all the other harmful chemcials that cigarettes contain.
    I don’t bother my neighbors with my smoke from apartment. In short, I can’t do without mine.
    The cons for me is that you do crave a real cigarette from time to time. You have to “charge” it for a couple of hours before you can smoke it, so make sure that you have a back up battery. You can also run into mechancial problems, like the charger not working. So make sure you order extras. You have to reorder the filters (nicotine) about once a week. they cost appx 10.00. and last for about 3-4 packs according to how much you smoke.
    You really have to monitor the amount of nicotine you smoke, because that’s what you will be smoking. You don’t want to get sick from it , as some people have. So you can’t smoke it like a normal cig, because normal cigs, have other chemicals along with nicotine.
    Electric cigs you are smoking pure nicotine. so be careful.
    I used vaporcigs and then switched to Smokinganywhere. I like them.
    The newest models are the two part ecigs, the three parts are phasing out. (filter,atomizer,battery)
    amazon has smoking anywhere.

  3. I brought one off ebay its ok, you cant really feel anything when your inhaling. Its like inhaling steam, you can feel a slight nicotine hit. I used one when i quit smoking.
    Unfortunately mine broke after a few weeks :-/. Might of been just a one off, but have a look at the ones with a blue LED tip they are meant to be better quality.
    You charge it up and then you buy end tips, you can buy them in different strenghts and flaovours one tip is equivalent to about 20 cigs.

  4. I have NOT tried the Health E-Cigarette. My advice would be don’t buy it. If you REALLY want to quit, just go cold turkey. Don’t go from one vice to another.

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