Is The Electric Cigarette Bad For You?

will it harm you
is is better than a real cigg
does it smell?


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  1. The electronic cigarette is the worlds gift to smokers and non-smokers. Here is what happens:
    The battery is screwed into an atomizer which heats up and then vaporizes the nicotine solution. When you pull on the e-cig, just as you would a real cig, the solution is vaporized, you inhale it and then you blow it out. The action is exactly like smoking a cigarette.
    There is absolutely NO tobacco in this product. So what does that mean? There is no second hand smoke. There are also no carcinogens. This product does not burn. It heats up.
    To answer your question on will it harm you: The jury is still out on this one. Tests have been done on mice and they had absolutely no adverse effects whatsoever. However, they have not been tested on humans. From my experience of smoking and selling them, I have not had one complaint over almost two years of anyone feeling bad. They have all said they see a massive change in their lung capacity and general feeling as a whole. I can personally say that when I do cheat and have real smokes, I feel it the next day. When I stick to my e-cig, I feel much better.
    As far as the Propylene glycol, this item makes up a good percentage of the nicotine solution and it is found in everything from toothpaste to personal lubricants to the makeup women apply to their faces. Some people have found that they do have allergies to pg, but that allergy is often present way before using the electronic cigarette.
    Does it smell? Nope. It does not. The vapor that you release is water based so it dissipates as soon as it leaves your body. No worries though if you blow smoke rings… it is strong enough to make even the best smoke rings.
    Is it better than a real cig? I think so. If you are interested in more information, please click on the links below. I am providing you with the wikipedia entries to compare a tobacco cigarette to what is in an electronic cigarette and a blog for further investigation.

  2. It will not harm you — whether it is better or not is debatable and it does not smell. They are battery powered sticks that vaporize nicotine cartridges. (5 cartridges equal to 100 cigarettes) They are not a way of quitting smoking as 50 percent of addiction is nicotine (the other 50 being the ritual itself) Bottom line: other than keeping you addicted to nicotine, the electric cigarette isn’t really bad for you.

  3. Electric cigs only contain nicotine in liquid form which vaporizes as you inhale.
    It is def better for you than the real thing. The real cigs contain ton of chemicals and even TAR.
    It def isnt as good as the real cig. Because only thing u get is nicotine, you dont taste all the other 4000 good stuff like TAR.
    Definitely a step up from the real cig. I think you should start with the electric cig and try to stop it.
    As a smoker you should know that the rituals of smokers is addicting as well. The way you take out a cig out of a box, light a match or lighter and put it to the tip, I mean all that good stuff will be gone, and some smokers will not use the electric one because of that.

  4. I tried the old “Premier” ones Marlboro rolled out years ago – those things were horrible and a lot like smoking hemp rope rolled up in phone book paper (Yes, I really did that when I was little – my excuse was there was no internet to ask questions to then).
    Inhaling smoke is not good for you, putting nicotine in your mouth isn’t good for you either and is just a step above smoking. That is one tough monkey to shake – luck to anyone trying and my congrats to any who succeed.

  5. idk but PROBABLY. what the f*ck is an electric cigarette. putting something electricity, nicotine, and i think tobacco in your mouth!!!!!! just think a little and im sure you’ll find the answer. that’s the stupidest f*cking question in the whole dam* world.
    holy sh*t

  6. it still has nicotine, the addictive element in cigarettes. They are essentially miniature tobacco vaporizing units. Although they are much better for you than the standard cigarette, I would assume that they still pose some amount of danger to your health.

  7. I think it was only invented to replace the motion of smoking, it lights up when you take a drag, but i think thats all it does, it is not harmfull for your body i dont think

  8. As far as I know you’re only getting the nicotine so it should be less harmful to your body than a normal cigarette.

  9. Smoking is never good but the electric one is healthier for u cause it gives out nicotine while ur smoking.

  10. I have NEVER heard of that. Very funny, I have an idea….
    You’ll feel better
    get addicted to Bananas!

  11. i think its less harmful to you, and the others around you as they aren’t getting the secondhand smoke.

  12. There are electric cigarettes? WOW

  13. Really??? An electric cigarette?

  14. wow! i didnt knw der wer electric ciggs! dats crazy, i should try it, i smoke! and no ciggs r not bad for u! its all in ur head!!!!

  15. Do they have battery operated ones too?

  16. since when are their electric cigarettes wtffffff

  17. electric cigarette?????????????/wtf is that?

  18. Dont smoke ciggaretts, swich to pot and coffee, it’s A LOT healthier for you, I should know :)

  19. its a type of cigg
    im sure its just as bad!

  20. Yea. Im Pretty Sure It Is

  21. WHAT?

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