Is There A Age Limit To Buy Electric Cigarettes?

Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes? since it does not contain tobacco, there is a stand in my mall that sells them and i haven’t had the chance to talk to them because i was in a hurry somewhere. and how does this work?

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  1. Nope, no age limit. Why buy them though? People with cigarettes look gross.

  2. wow! i’ve never heard of this, i looked it up and supposedly its like you said, electric.. but harmless water vapor is dispersed from it in small amounts…
    beware: it contains water, propylene glycol, NICOTINE, and a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor
    and yes, you must be 18.
    this is basically a substitute for a cigarette that doesn’t smell, no smoke, no paper or any other stuff you can relate to a cigarette.
    and don’t smoke EITHER electric or not, it’s gross & bad for you.

  3. I doubt there is an actual law that makes it necessary to be 18 to legally purchase an electronic cigarette, but since some do contain nicotine (usually by choice only) the company selling the product may not sell to people under 18 just because they don’t want parents complaining.

  4. To everyone that doesn’t know what an electric cigarette is, it is a cigarette that gives you a hit of nicotine while trying to stop smoking
    like a nicotine patch
    and you have to b e 18 and up since its nicotine.

  5. Most likely because they contain nicotine. The electric cigarettes are to help you get out of addiction though. Not a toy. If you have a Hippie Hut they have toy cigarettes that look real and puff out smoke.

  6. ummmm, why would anyone smoke anyway? It’s bad for you, can KILL you, and it’s just for looks, and if ANYONE has ANY self pride, they won’t care what other people think! Really! What kind of person does that make you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? I think you know…

  7. Huh… I had no idea such a thing existed until this question…
    Those look kinda lame… But it’s funny how companies worked their way around the ban so quickly. XD
    If all that’s in it is nicotine, then there’s no reason to have an age restriction.

  8. friggin kids any your deisre to put stuff in your mouth that looks like a cigarette is dumbfounding….If you have to put something in your mouth, what’s wrong with a friggin lollypop?

  9. yes. the reason why cigarettes have age limits is not because of the tobacco but because of the nicotine.

  10. 13yrs
    and its to help you
    its gona taste like tabaco but it will not be REAL tababco so thats the part its trying to help you out on

  11. Sorry to ask a question within a question
    Whats an electric cigarette? and what does it do

  12. What the heck is an electric cigarette?

  13. i believe you still have to be 18.

  14. No.
    But unless you’re addicted to real cigarrettes, why would you want them?

  15. i have never even heard of them

  16. never herd of electric cigarettes

  17. what is an electric cigarette?

  18. i don’t think so.

  19. what is an electric cigarette? could you explain a little more?

  20. ok this comment is gana have 2 parts.

    1. to everybody uop here trash talking smokers because THEY and notice i said THEY think that its just for looks, or that you have no self respect if you do smoke, or what ever elese is on this page ( i didnt read them all because i was getting pissed off). i am a 16 year old who has smoked since i was 13. im not a chain smoker so nobody tell me that ima die of cancer b4 im 40 or some bullshit like that. i mabey smoke 1 or 2 a day. sometimes 4 if im having a bad day. as a child i had a rough home life and when i smoked a cigerette it made me feal better and took the edge off. (until i discovered something a bit more green and alot less harmfull) thats right i smoke that to. i smoke when ever i get to stressed out or when ever i think i need one.i have not bought one yet because i currently do not have a job but if i was going to buy an electronic ciggerette then i would go with a brand called blu you can only order them off line but there the best ones on the market right now and you get the most for your money. which brings me to the next park.

    2. an electronic cig. is a safe alturnitive to smokeing regular cigerettes. electronic cigerettes have none of the harmful chemicals that smokeing a cigerette produces. if anybody would like to know more please contact me at

  21. im pretty sure you dont have to be 18. due to the fact that you have to be 18 years old to buy tobacco. so give it a try out. or buy one online. they have no proof that your under 18

  22. you do have to be 18, it is nicotine just like a patch or nicotine gum you have to be 18 to buy those too. i want to get e cigs though because i have stopped smoking, but only because of the health issues. nicotine feels good, it relaxes you, so if youre fine with spending the money on them and are fine with becoming addicted (even though theres nothing bad for you about electronic cigs), give em a shot

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