Are Electronic Cigarette Cartridges Interchangable With Other Brands.?

If I bought “Blu Electronic Cigarette” will i be able to buy cartridges from other brands, are they compatible?
Don’t give me a yes or no answer, explain a little bit.

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  1. Hello!
    I know for sure that GreenSmoke and Red Dragon are compatible. Both look exactly the same! Even the case is the same except for the branding on it.
    Blu cigs seem to be different since their packaging is different. I have ordered a starter kit and should be getting it soon. Check the link below in a week or so. I will update it with my findings.
    I will also post on how to refill the cartridges using smoke juice …
    But blu cig cartridges are very cheap anyway …

  2. No, I don’t believe any of them are interchangeable. The reason is that each company’s cigarette is a different size, and some use different technologies.
    You should check this one out because it’s the best on the market. The atomizer is patented and produces the thickest, most satisfying vapor out there. Cartridges run $25 for a box of 8 – so much cheaper than buying cigarettes.
    Other thing you want to watch for is that many of the electronic cigs out there are still using tobacco for the nicotine. This one’s nicotine comes from vegetables, which means you don’t take in the nearly 5,000 chemicals in a tobacco product.

  3. There arn’t such different brands as there are different manufactures the e-cig is an e-cig it works with any ‘brand’ As they are all pretty much them same. :)

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