Can You Smoke An Electronic Cigarette On A Greyhound Bus?

The electronic cig sellers advertize that you can “smoke anywhere”.. But is this really true?

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  1. I think you will be OK if you do not go crazy with it! I have smoked mine in Dulles Airport, Houston Airport, Charlotte Airport, Wachovia Bank Locations, Supermarkets, the hospital, just about every where. The key is to take a few puffs at a time. You get your nicotine hit and it is absorbed in your lungs (getting you passed your nicotine fit). It is very different than smoking a tobacco cigarette where you need to finish the entire cigarette. In conclusion, I use my electronic cigarette I purchased from smartsmokerusa just about every place I go. I am not sure about the other types (not from smartsmokerusa) and how they work. If it is a sensitive place like an airport I limit myself to a few puffs at a time. Airports have cameras throughout but I think they are not quite sure what I am doing. I take two-three puffs and stick it in my pocket. It is obvious by this move that it is not a lit cigarette. As to the bus, you might want to show it to your seat mate and explain to them how it works and that it is not “second hand smoke” that will impact them. I have found that most people including Docs, Store managers, etc.. have wanted to know where they can get one for themselves or a family member. Be prudent and you should be OK.

  2. Assuming it doesn’t produce any smoke, then yes. However, the bus driver will probably ask you to put it out/put it away they aren’t familiar with that type of product.

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