Does Anyone Know A Natural Way To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Instore Products Don’t Seem To Work?

I would love to quit smoking but I haven’t been able to find a good product in the stores to help me. They all boast about their effectivness and maybe they work for some but I have smoked for years and they don’t work for me. I would like to find some natural products that don’t hurt my system and can take for as long as needed to kick this filthy habit.


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  1. First off, congratulations for WANTING to quit smoking!!
    As far as answering, there are a lot of ways, and it also depends on how long you’ve been smoking. The best ways are slowly lowering your dose (takes a long time sometimes), or going cold turkey (which is faster, but harder). Either way, the last thing is making the decision to quit, so you’ll eventually have to deal with the withdrawal.
    For the most part, when you deal with withdrawal, you’ll just have to tough it out, but there are some things that can help cleanse out the toxins and may help to minimize some of the effects of withdrawal…
    Drinking water will help to detox, and taking some supplements that work as cleansers may help as well. Specifically, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea (decaffeinated), Chlorophyll (fantastic cleanser), and even good amounts of fiber and water helps some people (although it’s not very comfortable for the lower level of detoxification you get).
    All that being said, it’s likely that the symptoms should stop relatively shortly after your last pill (it’s never as long as it feels like it is). Your neurotransmitters don’t take too terribly long to scream for something they are addicted to after you stop.
    Another important thing to note is that no matter how bad it gets, taking more of the drug (and yes, nicotine is a drug) will only make the withdrawal last longer and will be harder on you in the long run. Good luck, and congrats again!

  2. I have tried several remedies not mentioned in your other responses. One is chewing on licorice and the other is drinking peppermint tea. Sadly neither one has worked for me. My friend was diagnosed with cancer and the dr. put her on Welbutrin (spelling?) and she was able to quit and believes it was the drug. Maybe, or the fear of dying, I don’t know. I wish you luck, in years past I was able to quit for ten years cold turkey and it wasn’t a problem, it sure is now! Good Luck!

  3. I have been smoking for about 9 years, with 4 years moderate to heavy smoking. A year ago I decided to quit smoking using Tea Tree Australian Chewing sticks made by Thursday plantation these are very good and totally natural especially if you smoke menthols. However, during finals week at my school I was very stressed and caved in, smoking 1 cigarette. That along with the fact my boyfriend smokes like a Chimney was enough to put me back on the wagon for a couple of months. I chose to stop smoking again about four days ago and have been using the chew sticks whenever I get a craving and they have been so helpful. I recommend them to anyone who really wants to quit. They can be found at . Also you need to have a strong reason or motivator to keep you going during the times that you feel stressed or weak What was my motivation you ask? well I am dedicated to improving my health; eating better, exercising, and this includes NO Smoking for me.Whether its your kids, your health or your future find a reason and make the choice not to smoke anymore. It is hard at first but if you can get through the first 3 days without going mental then this is an extremely good indication that you can quit. As a psychology major we learn that with any drug addiction(yes nicotine is a drug and it’s as addictive as heroin) it takes 90 days(3 months) to form a new habit. After 90 days the nicotine should be out of your system but you could be psychologically addicted for the rest of your life depending on how long you have been smoking, meaning like any addict, even 10 years after being smoke free, it could take one bad situation to relapse. This means you, I or anyone else trying to quit will have to make a conscious effort everyday not to handle stressors and lifes problems by lighting up. On a positive note Quitting Smoking is one of the hardest things anyone can do so each day you don’t smoke you become a stronger, and healthier person every time you make that choice not to smoke.
    Good Luck and Best wishes.

  4. Hypnosis and Behavorial Therapy works great..But you have to completely change your life..If you have a cig with your morning coffee, quit drinking coffee..If you have to find nonsmoker friends as well..People say that when they are stressed that they need a cigarette..Doesn’t make sense, since nicotine is a stimulant…Believe it or not, it’s not the cigarette that relaxes you, it’s the deep breathing that you do that gives you the calming effect.. When your stressed, don’t forget to take nice soothing breaths from your diaphragm, not your chest..When you breath, make sure your stomach moves up and down…No breathe, no life…One more thing, if you go to party’s and bars and drink, that’s a social trigger, so i would eliminate that for a while…Best of luck!!!

  5. Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for “quit smoking” + “natural ways” which will turn up at least 2,188 results in a Yahoo search.

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