Does Anyone Know What Retail Locations Sell E Cigarettes?

I am interested in getting an e cigarette but I can’t seem to find any real stores that sell them. Everything is online. And they are pretty expensive so I want to be able to check it out in person! I live in Ohio if anyone knows anything locally.

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  1. I actually saw them in a BP in Ohio. Try checking there.

  2. You’re really better off buying them online after you do a little research as there are many models and price ranges.
    Try some video reviews on youtube and doing a little reading in some forums. You can get a kit from about $40.00 to upwards of $140.00 BIG difference.
    these are two forums I find extremely helpful and fun too.
    Here’s an article written by one of the forum members. Lots of info in it too.…
    Good Luck!

  3. Does anyone know where I can buy the refills without having to order by mail visa the internet?
    I have been asking every store that sells the stupid kits, 7-Eleven, and even they don’t have any or know where I can get them!

    It’s like buying a really expensive razor, and then you go back to get refills only to find out they cost more than the kit when you bought it, or even worse you can’t ever find them!

  4. In Washington State go to Evergreen Vapor. 8012 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood, Wa. 98499

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