How Long Does It Take Tobacco To Get Out Of Your System?

My friend is 18 and he has a drug test. The school tests for tobacco. How long does its take to get out of the system and are there ways to get it out faster? Please don’t tell me, yes don’t smoke because first, it isn’t me and I’m just trying to help a friend.



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  1. I know when my friend had her daughter and she was still smoking and breast feeding, her dr recommended that she breast feed at least an hour and a half after having a cigarette. I don’t know if it’s totally out of your system though if it would be traceable or not.

  2. tabacoo isnt illegal but the drugs in it take along time to get processed by the liver, like nicotene which is more poisonous than arsenic

  3. The window of detection for cotinine in urine is expected to be up to 10 days after nicotine use

  4. Tell them he was smoking camels. He wants to expand the Endangered Species list.

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