Is Inhaling Water Vapor A Lot Bad ?

I have a gamucci, and I don’t even smoke real cigarettes. I am just wondering if I should limit my use of the e-cigarette, because all it is is water vapor.

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  1. Are you noticing any health problems as a result of your e-smoking? If not, I wouldn’t worry. REAL cigarettes were killing me, e-cigs might just be saving my life.
    I switched from smoking 2 packs of Camels a day to e-smoking about 4 weeks ago. My health has already started to improve, I can breathe so much better, I no longer reek like a filthy ashtray, and I can actually taste my food once again. Like with all things, there is a learning curve. At first I was hitting the e-cig fairly hard, then I settled into a pattern of use that could best be described as dose maintenance. It’s easier to over-do it with an e-cig, because it doesn’t burn out to let you know when you’re “done”. I now take fleeting puffs throughout the day whenever I feel the need. So much better than chain-smoking my way through limited outdoor smoke breaks. I actually smoke less now. Now a single cartridge (equal to about 7 or 8 cigarettes) will pretty much last me all day. But, I have found that if you keep it in your hand all the time you WILL smoke it all the time. That’s why they call it a “habit.” The more nicotine you use the higher your tolerance will become, so put it down if you don’t want to “grow” your addiction. Just drop it in your pocket, and pull it out when you need it.
    Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it. I am an addict. But at least I am no longer “DYING for a cigarette.”

  2. I just recently heard (or read) about the Gamucci. Don’t you have a choice between 16mg nicotine and no nicotine? Isn’t it used in the UK? Is is sold here in the US? I’m sorry I can’t reply to your question because obviously I haven’t seen nor fully understand the concept of the Gamucci. I was under the impression it was used as an aid to quit smoking, but I quess not if nicotine is available.
    Nicotine is addictive but does not by itself cause cancer. Cigarettes are carcinogenic because of other ingredients.

  3. ATTENTION ALL E-CIGARETTE USERS: You cannot expel water vapor back out of your lungs and mouth, since the body would absorb the vapor. HELLO? There is a synthetic chemical allowing this to happen, which Synthetics are harmful to the human body!

  4. I saw the same add and will admit that it is extremely deceiving. The best way to avoid this situation would be to fully scroll down and check the page for a terms and condition. If you ever see this on a page chances are you enrolling into a contract with them. My first thought was the is to good to be true, so I checked and was right!

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