What Kind Of Health Problems Does Smoking An Electronic Cigarette With Zero Nicotine Produce?

There has been no “conclusive” research showing any risk associated with Electronic Cigarettes. The biggest problem with “electronic cigarettes” currently on the market is the nicotine additive and most of the current research has been done regarding the nicotine products. With that said – non-nicotine based products are only starting to merge into the market…all using the solution proplyne glycol.
Propylene glycol is found in several consumer products like food coloring and in public events such as onstage theater smoke. It used as a solvent because plain water vapor is invisible. Vaporized propylene glycol looks like smoke, adding to the pseudo-smoking experience without causing a stinky smell.
Now considering – these type of products and public venues already contain the solution – i would dare say its not as bad as one might be led to believe. The SmokeFree Electronic Cigarette, developed by Health e-Choice, has its own proprietary solution that is made of 100% all natual ingredients without nicotine. The product is sold in three flavors – Tobacco, Menthol and Green Tea.
Electronic Cigarette – the benefits:
100% Natural Indredients so theres no toxic chemicals
No burning or release of Carbon Monoxide
Vapor dissipates within seconds without any smell
Satisfies your cravings without danger of addiction
Simulates smoking offering a healthier alternative
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  1. There is nothing in the electronic cigarette that any evidence suggests is harmful beyond nicotine. Propylene glycol is the only questionable ingredient which, according to the FDA, is considered safe. It is in a ton of food products that we ingest every day. Still, common sense says that anytime you are inhaling something other than oxygen on a regular bases, it’s probably not ideal. In my opinion, if you are concerned about any risks, I wouldn’t be that concerned, but if you don’t need to smoke it to help with your tobacco addiction, i wouldn’t bother with it either… at least not on a regular bases. Personally, I was a smoker and switched to electronic cigarettes, I can feel it in my body that they are much much better for me, at least based on my gut feeling and that fact that I can actually breath again :)

  2. Hello!
    At this point in time nobody should be claiming that the e-cigarette is healthier. And nobody can say for sure which problems is causes or does not cause. But it does not contain tar, carcinogens, nor 1000s of toxins.
    Here are some obvious benefits:
    * No lingering odor
    * No Stained Teeth
    * Saves Money
    * No cigarette butts litter our country!

  3. None *that is known.*
    That being said, why would anyone want to smoke something without nicotine? Smoking is an unpleasant activity, the only reason people do it is to get some kind of drug — the nicotine in tobacco, the THC in pot, the cocaine in crack, etc.

  4. gum cancer it is very dangerous. don’t do it!

  5. Owen E, you must not be a smoker. There is a reason the patch and gum have such a low success rate…the nicotine addiction is on part of the problem…the other is the habitual association with smoke’n. Exapmles I have a cup of coffee I smoke, i get on the phone and smoke more, or when I finish eating ect. The e-cig is the ONLY thing out there that allows you to lower nicotine intake while factoring in the habitual aspect of doing the act that all other products ignore.

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