Where Can I Find Tobacco In A Bag That Is Comparable To Marlboro 27s?

I just started rolling my own cigarettes and I have always smoked Marlboro 27′s. So if you can help me find some tobacco that is like 27′s I would be grateful. thanks


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  1. You might try Gambler. “People who like American Spirit liked it. People who like Turkish Special liked it. People who like McClintock liked it.” “…retailers will find it makes for a great transitional blend for those leaving the trough of packaged cigarettes for the more satisfying feast of MYO. ” http://www.ryomagazine.com/jan2002/tobac…
    Here’s a review of H&R Tobacco (they liked it quite well):http://www.ryomagazine.com/aug2002/tobac…
    I really like Samson gold, personally, but have never smoked 27s. Hope this helps.

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