Which Electric Cigarettes Are Compatible With Eachother?

I get a lot of emails asking me about which brands and styles of electric cigarettes are compatable. Can you use a battery from brand “A” on a cartomizer or atomizer of brand “B”? In this article I will try to outline some of the brands that I know to be compatable. Please feel free to post a comment if I have missed anything or mistaken anything.

The E-9 style is one of the most popular styles because of it’s ease of use and two piece design. Unlike the three piece ecigarettes that have a separate atomizer, the E-9 style has the atomizer built in to the disposable cartridge. The “E” stands for “electric” and the “9″ refers to the 9mm thread pattern. I would recomend this style to anyone who is new to the world of ecigarettes.

Some companies that provide the E-9 style are:

Green Smoke – They sell exclusively the E-9 style and they do it right. In my opinion this is the best company out there. The product is top quality, the customer service is un-beatable and the free shipping is super fast.

Smoke 51 – They sell two different styles, one of them is the E-9 style. They call it the Duo because of the two piece design.

Premium Ecigarettes – This one is also the E-9 style, They also offer a really cool USB charging case that no other company offers for the E-9 style ecig.

E-Cig Brand – They offer many different styles, One of them is the E-9 style. This company probably has the least expensive ecigarettes but you can only order them directly from china. They also offer a simple starter kit for $19.95 if you are curious about ecigs and want to try them out without spending a lot to begin with. This kit comes with 1 rechargable battery and two cartomizers. You can buy a charger later if you enjoy the ecig.

Zero Tar – They offer a few different styles of ecig, one of them is an E-9 style that they call the E-Vaporizer Kit That pretty much covers what I know of about the E-9 style and which companies provide them.

The three piece design is the second most popular design. The difference from the two piece design is that they have a separate atomizer, unlike the duo design which has the atomizer built into the nicotime cartridge.

These are some of the three piece designs that I know of that will work with eachother:

The Blu Ecigarette – This ecigarette is one of the highest quality on the market and a good starter for someone new to ecigs. The starter kit includes a charging case that is exclusive to the Blu Ecigarette and that no other company offers anything quite like it. The case will ensure that you always have a fully charged battery.

Smoke 51 Trio – The Smoke 51 Trio is another high quality three piece ecigarette. the starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping and even includes one extra nicotine cartridge.

The Luci Ecig – Yet another high quality three piece electric cigarette. They offer four different versions of their starter kit, each with different amenities.

The Instead eCig – Instead is one of the only companies that sell their kits with e-liquid so that you can refill the cartridges. Most of the other companies just want you to buy the pre-filled cartridges.

The Dragonfly ecig – This one is not fully compatible with the above brands but I decided to include it because the battery has the same thread pattern. The cartridges slips into the atomizer rather than onto the atomizer. but you can use the battery with any of the above models.

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  1. Its a good thing to note that electronic cigarettes may in fact come with a risk of some side effects like a sore throat, headache, dry mouth and bad after-taste. In the scheme of things, this seems like a small price to pay to finally be able to successfully quit smoking and to be able to avoid the dangerous risk of lung cancer to ourselves and others.

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