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  1. hi mate,

    well they usually last longer than 10 minutes! lol

    on average, a atomiser will last anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks though you will normally see a dip in performance after 3 – 4 weeks.
    sometimes you can get very unlucky and have a duff one sent out with the kit, though it is quite rare.
    i think you was just unlucky mate :(

    but hopefully the seller will sort you out :)



  2. unfortunately i have no spare, this was my first ecig, i bought it based on your review. I have also ordered the 701 e-cigar as a gift for my dad, hopefully that will work.

    I was just gonna ship the whole unit back to outlet tomorrow, are the atomisers prone to breaking so quick?
    thanks for the responses so far

  3. in that case mate it sounds like the atomiser is at fault rather than the actual 905. do you have a spare DSE 901 atomiser to try it with?

    either way, contact the seller asap and ask for a new atomiser to be sent.



  4. I fully charged the battery, it went from red to green after roughly 4 hours, the LED does light up, the atomiser doesn’t get warm, nothing happens besides the LED lighting. I tried the other battery to be sure and the same result

  5. hi mate,

    did you fully charge the battery 1st? does the led light up? does the atomiser get warm?

    let me know please mate



  6. thanks for the reply scott, i received my dse 905 today and within 10 minutes it stopped working.. pretty gutting, are they generally this bad as i dont know if i should get it replaced or get a refund?

  7. hi mate,

    just pull the cart out and then add 2 to 3 drops straight onto the atomiser.

    2 to 3 drops should give you about 15 – 20 good inhales before you would need to drip again.



  8. Hi Scott,

    great reviews, quick question, when dripping with the dse905 where should you drip and roughly how much?


  9. there is one with a nicotine filter isnt there?

  10. Ah i will check that out, waiting for a new e-cig to arrive, spent allot more money on it. Its from totally wicked, so when that arrives i will give it ago as my dse901 seems to have given up on giving much vapour.

    Cheers Scott,

    Take it easy

  11. nice one mate! hope you enjoy your new e-cig :)



  12. Thanks heaps man

    I have watched many of your review on various vapor systems and i have to say your info has been agreat help when trying to decide wether vaping is right for me.
    I have a DSE901 mini on the way from wicked cant wait till it gets here thanks for all the advice.
    5 stars

  13. thats great news mate……….nice one!

    have you seen my smoke ring tutorial vid? if not, then check out my youtube channel or take a look on the “tutorial videos” section of my website:-




  14. Good review sir, Keep up the good work, only came across e-cigs after i accidentally came across your vid and now haven’t smoked a propper cig for 5 months or so.

    Still cant blow smoke rings like you though!

  15. well i can always get my teeth fixed………but you will always be an ugly cunt.

    enjoy your mcdonalds fatty!



  16. Hey MATE favorite part about this video is the Teeth, way to fulfill a stereo type ol chap. Cheers.

  17. hi mate,

    glad to hear you are enjoying your 905! :)



  18. ello Scott.
    Thank you, for all of your reviews. you’ve helped me in making a great decision. I just revived my
    V3 905dse.. Version 3..
    The only difference I can find, they have done away with the power on/off button on the bottom.
    V3 has no on/off button instead just the manual button, it powers up when battery is inserted..
    It also looks like they have went back to the old 901 atomizers with out the ring inside. Mine are great. Thanks again for all your wonderful reviews..!!!

  19. who designed this bastard thing looks like somthing somone would stick up there arse

  20. Where can you get it for only 50 shipped anyway?

  21. I bought the 905 for a friend for $50.00 works great

  22. hi mate,

    ive even tried to remove the led ring but mine definitely seems to be fastened in there tightly. no movement at all.

    even in my reply to one of the 1st comments posted on this vid i said that i wanted it to be rubbish as i wanted to give it a poor score. but mine is solid and working great………so i have to review it as such. if mine had fell apart like Grimms then i would have said the same as him! lol



  23. I would have to argue that grimm is very open minded and 5 minutes after the review he told in distinct detail of how easy this thing is to break.

  24. hi mate,

    yep, i did watch Grimms vid. and like i said before, just because it failed doesnt mean they all will. i bet even your fave the silver bullet has had a few failures too but again that wouldnt mean they are all bad.
    my 905 works well and hasnt even shown any signs of failing……… that must mean they are all great……..yes?

    due to all the Cisco, Trogg, Screamer copying issues, the 905 problems are being highlighted more so than others.



  25. Watch grimmgreens video. This thing is a pile of shit and it’s an ongoing problem.

    This thing costs 80 bucks and these problems are are unexcusable for a 80 dollar mod

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