Joye Tecc 510 Titan Blue Foam Mod E-Cig vaporhead


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  1. Sorry for the multiple posts, Youtube sucks and wasn’t posting anything

  2. Hey vaporhead its dehughey from PEC.
    I was wondering why you only put a small amount of blue filler in with a lot of liquid, compared to what I have, I put a lot of blue filler in
    Does this make the cart last a lot longer?

  3. What are the ferrets names?

  4. Gotta love the ferrets man :)

  5. i personally like pg based liquids just because the vg is too smooth and you dont get as much throat hit from the nicotine in the mix , i think pg is actually found in sno cone syrup lol so anyone that wines about you vaping around them, tell them to stop eating sno cones around you lol

  6. Actually, it doesn’t matter what position you put the cart on the atty, as long as you dont turn it when its on.

  7. Easy, cheap and efficient. This turned my 510 cart into an all day sucker. Boo-yeah!

  8. nice video. iv been meaning to try this myself but dont want to do it wrong

  9. Thanks for the up,
    Thanks for taking time outta your day to post this. I’m heading to petsmart tomorrow

  10. ah, im using the pen spring method :)

    i looked at two pet stores today and they lacked the rite size u ones, so about to buy them on ebay ! 10 bux with shipping! cant wait, and now i understand about the fluid not coming out via the pen spring method i’ve accomplished. however the poly on top of the cartridge tends to go up to the atomizer compartment, so i’ll try a fatter wad on top to make it stay put! great vid, thanks!!!

  11. That is a result of topping off or putting too much liquid into the cart. That will happen with ANY filler. Don’t flood the cart, you won’t flood your mouth.

  12. i really dont understand how the fluid doesn’t come out of the draw-end and onto your lips, the regular stuff i use, and fill up with a puddle on top, and drip a few drops onto the atomizer itself, then when i take long slow drags, i get some liquid on my lips and on the outside mouthpiece and it sucks, then after it dies down i get a metallic burnt taste and i need to reapply some more drops :-/

  13. indeed it is foam

  14. Hey bro. Good to put a face to the profile. Or rather, to see it without the facepaint. I will be doing some reviews/how to videos myself. I am still liking the white fluval. I don’t really have too many loose threads, and I have enough to last the year.

  15. That ain’t Fluval.

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