PureSmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

This is my Review of the PureSmoke Electronic Cigarette from www.puresmokeonline.com by jvapor at http . Great product with solid performence. Highly recommend for beginners and advanced vapers alike.

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  1. In the review you said that the atomizer and the cartridges for the PureSmoke and the SS Choice No. 7 were the same. Is this true? Does that mean they are interchangeable?

  2. In the review you said that the atomizer and the cartridges for the PureSmoke and the SS Choice No. 7 were the same? Does that mean that they are interchangeable?

  3. hmm… I personally like the taste of puresmoke, it was rather sweet. I really wish they sold their eliquid separately… But yeah your right, the battery life is rather short if your puffing it nonstop (about 2hrs+) Another downside is that sometimes you get atomizers that break fast…

  4. @nitehawk32 you can unbend a paperclip and stick it in, wiggle it out.

  5. The taste is not good at all. In fact almost all flavors I have tried are greatly weakened to almost no flavor at all.

  6. hey how is the taste on the pure smoke?

  7. just bought the starter kit fir 15 bucks at my local smoke shop, love it so far

  8. Great review Jay!

  9. could you please make a vid of how to take out the cartridge wool on this model?

  10. Your welcome and happy vaping.

  11. Jason thanks so much! i kept loosening the atty thinking it would give a easier drag and when i tightened it it now works great. for now haha thanks again if i have any questions or concerns ill be sure to ask you. great service

  12. I’m really not sure what might be wrong. I would suggest contacting the company as you may have a bad battery. Another thing that you cand do to get by is to try plugging two of the intake holes with tape at the end of the battery. I know this increases throat hit and vapor production. It just may help with your switch issue also. I suggest tape rather than anything perminant like glue so you don’t void any warranty.

  13. Thanks! i appreciate it. idk why i got some good vapor going in my e cig and now its crapping out again. idk what the problem is. i tried loosening the atty just in case but it didnt do much…. i might just be ready for a new cartridge but i havent used this one too much… idk

  14. I also sent you a message with step by step instructions on how to refill the carts. There is just not enough space in the message box here.

  15. As far as the responsiveness of the battery it will get better the more you use it. the switch on this model is a little stiff and needs about a week to loosen up. If you still have trouble you may have a bad battery. Contact pure smoke through their website they should be more than happy to send you a replacement battery.

  16. The first time you charge it you should charge it for 8 hours.The light will turn green after about 2 hours but leave it chargeing.

  17. how can you refill this thing with drops without it being a mess? it seems impossible to get the wool out of the cartridge without breaking it…. please help

  18. ok im kinda confused. i just bought this e-cig the other day and the head shop i bought it from said the should be getting cartridges and drops in soon but i really dont know how i would use drops on this effectively…. it just seems like it would be a mess. how can i take out the wool in the cartridge and it seems like my puresmoke e-cig is having a harder time on the draw and this is just my second day with it…. maybe b/c i didnt fully charge the battery?

  19. Nicely explained, thank you! One more question: Are the direct dripping fans gonna have an option to drip? Sounds like the design might mitigate the need for that because it sounds pretty efficient in the use of the e-liquid. Looking at the atty, the polyfill wick will break down eventually…I’d have to try cleaning or rebuilding options for the atty.

  20. You can refill. I suggest refilling because it is much cheaper. All you have to do is pull the poly washer out and drip down the side of the cartridge. Then just reinstall the poly washer. If the washer dets worn out it is easy to make a new one by using a pen ink tube as a templet/jigg for the hole size. The cartridge holds 19-20 drops of liquid. The only problem is that the strength of the flavor will be weaker. You only get a hint of the flavor. You will still recieve the full throat hit.

  21. Nice Review. I like the fact that someone is trying to think outside of the box with the atty design. Are you saying that you cannot (or should not) refill with your own liquids? I have a lot of people asking me about my opinion of the smaller “super mini” style e-cigs and the vapor of this and the #7 looks impressive. Lack of refilling could be a show stopper for most people including myself. I checked out their site and that buying carts is too expensive in my opinion. Thanks!

  22. My wife and I both purchased the pure smoke e cigs. Neither one would even accept any charge at all. I plugged into 10 different USB ports on 5 different computers. I took mine back to the smokeshop I purchased it at, and they have been great working with me. They were able to get ahold of the company quickly and the company told them to give me a new starter kit and the store would get a free replacement.
    The trouble is this one did not work either. So, I am going down tomorrow and seeing what I can do. The company never got me a live person and after a wait on hold, finally got a message that I had to leave a voice mail. Still waiting to hear back from them and from the email I sent.

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