Q&A: should a heart disease patient use the electronic cigarette?

Question by Tina: should a heart disease patient use the electronic cigarette?
My mom has had a triple bypass & a heart attack, but she still struggles with wanting a cigarette. Are the non-nicotine electronic cigarettes safe for her?

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Answer by Bco4th6th
I’ve never seen evidence that it hurts in any way. It may help her to eventually quit altogether.

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  1. Smoke is the worst thing for your mum so if that’s the alternative almost anything else would be better.

    Nicotine is a stimulant so needs to be used with caution, just like caffeine, by vulnerable people.

    Apart from that there are no known serious harms caused by vapour and if it keeps your mum happy and off the cigs then it’s worth considering as a harm reduction strategy.

  2. I am pretty sure that even the nicotine electronic cigarette fluid would be fine as well. Nicotine is as harmful as caffiene. I dont know much about heart disease but if she can drink coffee she can smoke a electronic cigarette. Its the other 4000 chemicals in cigarettes that are harmful. You can get alot of info and places to buy them at http://www.ecigsavings.com/abo.....-benefits/

    goodluck and hope your mom gets better

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