Fox News E-Cigarette Report

Fox News commenting on the rising levels of electronic cigarette sales.


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  1. I unintentionally quit using an electronic cigarette! I smoked for over 20 years. This is the first thing that has EVER helped me and I wasn’t really “trying” to quit.
    Love my electronic cigarette and believe that it literally saved my life and is saving MANY more.

  2. Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Sin Tax are pushing the FDA to restrict this at the cost of lives.

  3. my thing is… “they might not be safe.” WTF? ARE CIGARETTES SAFE? LOL GET OVER IT.

  4. What’s the FDA’s problem? “They might not be safe.” OK, well couldn’t you find out if they’re safe or not? You’re the FDA, aren’t you? Also, does the FDA usually assume things are dangerous until proven otherwise? Is that why Fen-phen was banned pending a study about its safety? OH WAIT… IT WASN’T!

    I think I know why. Fen-phen was a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical cash cow, and e-cigarettes aren’t. Actually e-cigs take money away from the patch-making pharm industry. I get it.

  5. fijense abajo las informaciones que pasan escritas hablan de chavez XD fuck!

  6. try the e-cig. i’ve been on numerous threads, forums, websites. read the testimonials, opinions and decided to buy one after a 20 year habit of tobacco smoke. its been 4 wks now. no cravings. the smell of tobacco smoke is nostalgic to me, as if i was 12 again in a bowling alley. eyuk! i’m real…

  7. Switch to electronic cigs. I smoked for 12 years, then switched to e cigs. I haven’t been back.

    Steve McCleen

  8. I was a smoker of 20 years and went cold turkey last March just before the new taxes. Funny but all the cravings have come back stronger than ever HELP. Any advice please.

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