NJoy NPro electronic cigarette has arrived…

I just wanted to share with you about my new NJoy NPro electronic cigarette…

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  1. My First ecig was an Njoy, but if I knew then what I know now I would never have bought it. You need to get a Joye 510 or the new Joye Ego. Buy Cartomizers as well. That is the best way to go. Then your vapor will blank out the screen when you blow out. Joye 510 starter kit- $50 or Joye Ego Starter kit – $75: Bottle of ejuice 30ml (3 months supply) – $12-$20; pack of 5 cartomizers $8-$10

  2. do not get this electronic cigarette! the chargers do not work as stated in the booklet. the customer service is HORRIBLE! i got a green smoke electronic cigarette which works a million times better & has excellent customer service. njoy does not refund for dissatisfaction as stated ‘satisfaction guaranteed’, only offering replacements. so if you aren’t happy with it, you are stuck with something you will never use. NJOY SUCKS!

  3. I’m with Coco?

  4. Can anyone tell me if I should remove the white plastic holder containing the filter at the bottom of the cartridge holder. Thanks

  5. just bought a super mini and the battery last maybe half a day at best. they do charge quick though.

  6. nice review

  7. I got this one a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. I find there is a little to much airflow through it. so I cover one of the holes around the atomizer. I plan on trying the njoy pen style. It seems from the reviews that it produces a little more smoke. This one is alot better than the nova smoke I purchased previously.

  8. Conan!

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  10. you dont even inhale it and you say fairly odd where are you from?

  11. hey is e smoking healthier for you and how much does it cost? do you have to keep buying cartiges?

  12. I wouldn’t pay attention to this guy. He just spams his store information on all the e-cig videos.

  13. Thanks for the video.

  14. where can i find a USB charger for my NPRO?

  15. I can smell something if I sniff the “mist” immediately after I exhale. The “mist” does have some flavoring in it so it tastes something like cigarette smoke. However, the “mist” dissipates very quickly after leaving my mouth, like with a humidifier, so you certainly don’t have any lingering odor in the room like with cigarette smoke.

  16. The “mist” or as I’d like to call “vapor” is mainly water and has NO smell (may only smell to you and not to anyone else while exhaling). Even if you smoke 10 e Cigarettes at once, the smell is unnoticable…

    I’m a fan of NJoy. But I also love DSE series!

    Check out the store “AnyCigarette” (simply Google AnyCigarette) for latest DSE products.

    They are half the price but still performs just as well :D

    DSE make great start to e Smoking. Then you can switch to NJOY for professional VAPING!!!

  17. Does the mist have any odor at all?

  18. I’ve never inhaled, even conventional cigarettes, as much as many people. When I was younger, and cigarettes, and smoking were more acceptable, I recall an older smoker telling me I was a “blower.”

  19. you didnt inhale you hit it and blew out

  20. What?

  21. no inhale?

  22. Great video! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  23. i have no clue why you’re comment was marked as spam but you can buy blank cartridges from various websites the one i use is
    puresmoker . com
    they also sell e-liquid which is what you use to fill up the blanks. they have a bunch of different flavors from marlboro to caramel to coca cola also check out
    e-cigarette-forum . com
    they have alot of great info thats really useful

  24. I think I know what you’re referring to. I’m not sure NJoy currently offers that option. I believe other electronic cigarette manufacturers do, however. I have heard there is some risk in mixing your own solution for the cartridges. That is, that nicotine can make you very sick, or even kill you, in what are relatively small quantities. So, you have to be very careful that you don’t put too much nicotine in your solution.

  25. How do you fill up your own nicotine cartridges? That would sure save some moeny. How do you do this?

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