How to fill up your pure hash oil cartridges for your ecig vaporizer.

Simple process. Heat up cartridge, HEat up the oil, use a fine tipped dropper, then heat up the cartridge again to get the oil to go down.
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  1. @frankyboi187 We say one time 400+ hits, you can take the chance and fill them back up but thats up to you.

  2. Can you refill the carthridges over and over or do you need new ones everytime???

  3. @frankyboi187 They will ship out on September 16th or if possible earlier if i get them.

  4. Hey man i want one of theese,how long will it take to ship to canada if i order tomorrow?

  5. @DrDoe1 Must Be.

  6. @ThcScientific probably because your sitting there puffing away on some oil and you look ripped…. just sayin’

  7. I really do find this product interesting.

  8. Cannabis consumption. It was a wise crack.

  9. @OldJoeCurwen why?

  10. I think I know why he couldn’t find his fine-tipped dropper.

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